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Cannabidiol Concentration, Labeling Varies Widely in Products Sold Online

Cannabidiol Concentration, Labeling Varies Widely in Products Sold Online

This post is not about the merits of cannabidiol for CLL, but an illustration of why greater regulation is needed for the supplements/herbal remedy industry. There was a whopping 6,553 times variation in the CBD concentration between the least and most concentrated of 84 tested samples. Just 31% of the purchased items were accurately labeled with regards to CBD concentration. Notice also the difference between the median tested concentration 9.45mg/ml and the claimed median concentration - 15mg/ml. That's just 63% of the claimed concentration, so purchasers are being short changed by 37%!

The supplements/herbal remedy industry is huge - nearly $7.5 billion in the USA in 2016 and anticipated to be over 100 billion world wide in 2017.

"Eighty-four products were ordered and stored according to packaging instructions or in a cool, dry space. Product labels were replaced with blinded identifiers within two weeks of receipt and sent for analysis of cannabinoid content.

The researchers found that the observed CBD concentration varied from 0.1 to 655.27 mg/mL (median, 9.45 mg/mL); the median labeled concentration was 15 mg/mL. Overall, 42.85%, 26.19%, and 30.95% of the products were underlabeled, overlabeled, and accurately labeled, respectively, with regard to CBD." (My emphasis)

Summary from Psychiatry Advisor


JAMA Network Research Letter



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