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I do feel I am getting better But

although I have been getting anxiety for 5 mouths and do feel I am getting better over all with some setbacks along the way I cant help feel that this condition is still not very well under stood and that I am getting confused as to what is best for me

1 Do I take medication is there anyone who does and is back to normal ie does medication work?

2 are there any member's who have recovered with or without Medication I would love to chat with you

3 does cognitive therapy work again are you in full recovery did it not work foe you

4 my nurse feels that I am getting better and will fully recover and has dropped my counselling to one a month from one every 2 weeks !!

or should I just shut up and keep going just want to feel

normal again and a time fxrame

5 am i right in saying that some people have had this condition for many years and that you may have a inherent disposition towards Anxiety and some people get better and some don't :-(

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I hope my comments do not offend anyone


Hi Bigguy

1.I did take medication and it managed some of the symptoms, I became better when I got off the meds and did the right practice and therapy.

2. I'm no longer getting panics, still get a little anxious, touch of depression but its all good now.

3. I found my answer, partly in therapy and partly through searching myself. It all helps.

4. Yes, keep at it, as long as you have the right practice, it will get easier

5. For me, I'd say yes had it for 30 yrs +, it was learn't at a very young age, not sure about the inherant bit. If we believed only drugs could balance our seritonine levels, we would give up surely :-)

and that were hard wired at age 3yrs.

I believe the mind can rebalance itself, if we allow it to.

Takes time though and plenty of practice

Hope you having a good day




Hi Bigguy your comments have not offend me and i am sure no one else is :) you are only throwing out questions for advice everyone is different.

1. I am taking medication and it has helped me control my symptoms, looking back to how i was before i started.

2. I still get anxious at times everyday is different to be honest.

3. I find the therapy helpful but most of this depends on the individual and only myself can get me back on track.

4. My therapist has reduced my visits to every 2 weeks with some tasks as she believes i am making progress so keep attending.

5.I would not say we inherant this condition its something within ourselves that trigger the symptoms off. It is trying to learn to condition ourselves to not fight it accept up and try and move on dealing with it the best possible way we can.

Takes time and patience and plenty of breathing exercises, to be in control and not be controlled.

Have a good day take care


Love Seyi xxx


Hi Bigguy. I feel I have conquered anxiety. I haven't attended any therapies or taken any medication. I used a load of willpower, developed an understanding of what the body does throughout anxiety, and learned to face my fears. It's taken me a year to do so but I feel like a better person for it.

I understand everybody handles anxiety differently and has different levels.

If ever you want to chat just drop me message :)



Hi Thanks so much for getting back to me what you all put here helps and I want to thank you for your time,

Yes Mandy would like to chat please

x thanks again


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