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Have you ever sung that song in your head,I have many times over the years and for me,I believe it to be true.My Brother-in-Law is a Pharmacist and I asked him many years ago,back in the 80s in fact if he believed that certain drugs only worked if you believed they would,his answer as a Chemist was "yes".I have always had the view that medication does not work for me,not talking about anti-biotics or paracetamol but mind drugs.For me,the Paroxetine I take has no effect at all but one thing is for sure,I do feel better and for me at least, the reasons are clear.

I have told myself that I am in control of the anxiety in my head,I put it there and I can remove it,eventually plus,and this is the main reason, of that there can be no doubt,the fact that I have started to attend groups and talk and realise that it is not just me,people do understand.These meetings have helped not only me but many people,they are not always easy to find partly because some do not view anxiety alone as an illness(bollocks!) because we all suffer, but,if you suffer anxiety as a result of alcohol abuse then help is more readily available and this could be your route in if you get my drift!

Maybe this route is just for me,maybe not, but,I am no different to you,no stronger,no better,no wiser,uglier,certainly but this has never been a barrier!Worth a try?Try it!

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Sorry, I'm confused - are you suggesting we all become alcoholics in order to get support?

Also - if you're taking paroxetine, and are feeling better, how do you know it's not the paroxetine that's doing that?

But thanks for assuring us you're no stronger, no better, no wiser, than the rest of us. That's a big relief!


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I wouldn't bother becoming a alcoholic , I am a recovering one of 20 years now , had anxiety before , during & after , I must be missing out then because it has NEVER got me any extra help with my anxiety

So leave the irish alone Rose ;-)


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Aww, spoilsport! You know I like my Irish! :( xxx

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I know its not the drugs unless they take immediate effect which we all know they don't plus,I don't feel any different if I take them or I don't and finally,I don't believe they will work and that is in my mind,just like anxiety.

Alcohol. no no no no. We are all on the same continuum, some are just more enslaved to their senses than others. Some legal drugs work in that they can calm this down, but alcohol doesn't do that. It makes it worse. Just my thoughts from observation.Glad you feel more in control. In the end, we can only do it for ourselves. If you can do that, don't use anything.x

I'd be another no to the alcohol, but I don't think Castel was advocating it in any way, lol, just that if alcoholism was a problem help may be more readily available for that than for the anxiety. That was my take on it anyway! I believe medication can help some with depression/anxiety but seems Castel has found what works for him. Good luck Castel, I hope you continue to feel better.

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Spot on,thanks.

Well it depends on I suppose what suits you . Alcohol for me made me very anxious nervy depressed I wouldn't recommend it , instead I take sleeping tabs wake up with no headache sick depression . At last it's been hard to recognise I had a alcohol prob for 25 plus yrs that I now consider wasted yrs I could have got on with my life instead of being drunk sleeping it off . I feel bad for my son when he was young growing up watching me ! So advice is no to alcohol . But up to you kind regards to whom this may or not help x

funny i was out in a friends house onenight,and started to feel really anxious and dizzy,i rang my husband to come and collect me,cause i felt i couldn't walk home,to cut a long story short,we ran into a few family friends,and ended up in the pub,didn,t want to go in but didn't want to be a spoilsport,anyway i had one drink,and felt myself relaxing,then i had another,it turned out the best night i had in ages,i didnt get drunk,just relaxed,but we both walked home later,and my anxiety and dizziness was gone,this lasted right through the next few days,something to be said for a drink.it really dosn't make me anxious atall..xx

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