Getting better ! But derealization? ?

Tho I am still having panic and anxiety it seems like there are more good days then bad ones now. My biggest thing iv notice when having an attack is that I seem to think "am I alive?" "Is this all really happening?" Like I feel like I'm not myself that maybe this is just a it's not my eyes I'm looking threw. does this happen to any one else and if it does what are the best ways to cope with it ??


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  • Oh gosh I'm so glad you have posted this I don't get it now but have had it and it's the scariest thing It was like" am I really here is this really happening "It was absolutely terrifying and as if I was going mad !! I've never heard anyone describe it and felt so alone with it Now the one thing that really stopped them was by choosing something that was really happening in my life I focused on it being my son about to join the police and him being my son and me being his mum and needing my support I hope I'm making sense it snapped me right out of it and made me think of course I'm here I'm a responsible adult and thinking that way brought me back to reality

    Is there anything you can focus on to say Don't be silly of course I'm here even if it's not a nice thing it still will just trigger your brain back to reality

    The one nice thing was it seemed to come when my anxiety and panic attacks were getting better because if when I panicked I could only focus on the awful physical symptoms but unreality was different

    So if you can find something that you do that is very real it will bring you back and snap you out of it

    I'm not sure I've made any sense at all but I do know what it feels like it's the weirdest feeling ever I hope its helped

    Take care

  • you made a lot of sense to me that's what I do concentrate on something else.

  • I know it sounds too simple but if you remind yourself of something that of course yes I am here it kind of pulls you up and gets you back to reality Good luck as I know how awful it is

  • This is 1 o the most scary symptoms o depression Just try an carry on accepting it it will pass if u don't let it really get u I know hav had this many times hope u keep on coping

  • its like an out of body know its you there but somehow its not.think its our brains way of dealing with stress.I try to ignore it .

  • Yes I have this to... I thinks it's the worse part ov it all.. Every think seems like a dream I had it for 5 days ! I'm on meds now and things starting to feel normal again, thank god... But it almost felt like I was not here

  • Thank you for all the advice guys! I do have a son and a husband so they have really helped me alot with trying to focus. The worst part is it pretty much only happens at night. From like 8pm on till I wake up. My dr. Has me on a very low dose of meds. It worked really well in the beginning now it like there having no effect. And I don't even take then every day there a PRN. Like I took one tonight but I'm still haveing this derealization thing happen so I wake up pretty much every hour freaking out.

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