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Feeling a bit better but drained x

Hi all x well after my episode this morning I am feeling a little better x drained very drained, headache from hell and chest aches from all the sobbing, the downfall of a larger chest pft. Eyes are like lead to. But I'm smiling again. I have hit the brick wall and this time I know if I don't change my ways i'm gonna keep hitting it. I went to far to fast, I have read book upon book on anxiety and I think when it comes to it I could write my own. BUt I wasn't giving one method time to work before I jumped on the next wagon. As I finally got through to the hubby today, if it was a broken leg id moan and accept it needed time to heal but because anxiety is invisible its hard for people to understand how you are. when you look perfectly normal,

Anyway onward and upward I think im gonna hit this wall again but maybe this time I can knock a few bricks off when I do x I think in my case I have to let the mask slip this time, if people upset me tell them, i cannot be walked over again and again. To long I have brushed aside my feelings and been this person I am not just so people dont think im a nutcase, but you know what if i get the help and peace I need to get back on track let them think it x xxx

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It does leave you feeling drained , hope after a good nights sleep you will feel better tomorrow :)

Well you have done well as reading your post , you have seen yourself where you have been going wrong & what you need to do

Now I no the doing can be the hardest , but the fact you are able to see where you have gone wrong is brilliant !!!

Yes its true , no one can see this , wish they could , I dont say walk in my shoes for a day anymore , i say live in my brain for a day !!!

But over the years I have stopped worrying as much what others think , I no I try to be the best person I can (even when I am crabby ) but i do my best & thats all that matters to me

Hope its a good day tomorrow :)





Ty Whywhy x hopefully i can sleep well, tbh cannot see it being a prob nothing like a good cry to solve the sleep demons x

And ty again x I have seen where I went wrong I was doing so well at my own pace and then got on the express and got carried away with the I can cure you books and such, when there is no cure, aside learning to accept and live with it.

Its annoying that others cannot see as so many more would understand the daily struggle x

For to many years I have worried what others have thought, my family has always been judged. We have a past that would make jeremy kyle panic. Every week we open the local paper one of my family is in it for being naughty. My sister is a alcoholic so tends to feature frequently. I guess I was always worried that if i showed my weakness Id be like them, but then again why should it bother me they are my family x i love them warts n all:)

xxxxx oct tomorrow i can be a witch for a month and not worry lol xx i have good reason its my season:) xx


Well donver , I have to go at my own pace , pressure would send me like you have felt , as long as I can see I am moving , even if its at a snail pace that is fine for me

Oh you made me laugh out loud then when you said your family past would make jeremy kyle panic :D

You will get there with this , I no you will :)



hello donver,

It is hard having this anxiety it is really tiring.

I am taking my time with the book I have got that the counsellor said would help me. I have been doing the exercises it says in the book and even have a note bad to check how I am going.

In the past I have read loads but note really followed threw with the work. And I think it dos take work to help us understand our anxiety.

As you say if it was a broken leg, it is something people can see and relate too.

I had 18 weeks at my sisters being what they wanted me to be, and I can tell you it done me no favours in the long run. I now except my sister will never understand me and my anxiety so I don't waste my time trying to explain any more.

When you hit rock bottom the only way is up.

I hope you get some good sleep tonight shall be thinking of you. Gardener x


Ty garderner x

Your right it is tiring, but we all plod on, how we do it is beyond me, but most days we are back giving it another try x

Im going to take my time from now on x just get through each day one tiny little step at a time.

I think people see us when we are week and they strike then, as they know its a unfair fight and they have more odds of winning x

I will get up again Im just threading my rope ladder for another attempt lo xx

Ty xxx


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