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Feel better but feel weird because I havnt been normal for a while

I've noticed knaw that It was me making the pain happen with anxiety and other stuff but its just hard and I have startd second guessing myself because I havnt been normal when I am normal I am asking my self am I normal naw am I ok or am I takin a turn for the worse its so very scary wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy hope everyone who has anxiety gets better

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Hi John

I agree with you when it comes to been my own worst enemy , same here

Try not to question everything , I can do the same . if you are having a bad day , go with it , if you have good days , enjoy them ;) the more you anaylise everything the worse you will feel my love

What feels normal to you is normal , enjoy it !

Hope you have a good day hun & that you also get better with anxiety





I no ye the more you analyse it the worse I feel and so on thanks for the message x


I know just what you mean, today is the first day ive had moments where i feel normal which makes me think im due a bad day of anxiety anytime soon..its horrible your mind makes you think like that isnt it. Try and enjoy feeling normal though and focus on the positive..thought creates and all that :-)


Hi john you know i am the same as you and i do the same keep telling myself it is only anxiety but we all on here no its easier said than done and when it comes and the mind starts to wonder we fear the worse dont we the good thing is we have all these lovely people on here to support us and know what we are going through i have been exactly the same as you worried all the time what if i think the main is to keep blogging each other to help us through the bad times and maybe one day we will pull through it together :) xxxxx


from past experience..... when you are not noticing your anxiety, it can mean you are getting better. take each day as it comes., x x


do is aww that's good:)x


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