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Not getting any better

I am months and months down the line and I am not getting any better with this awful anxiety..I am on medication Pregablin which is the last of a list of many...I feel so ill every morning that I can hardly put one foot in front of the other..I try so hard to make myself feel better to no avail..Still crying every day because of the way I am feeling....I feel so exhausted I have to have bed rest about 3 times a day and cannot be on my own...I spend days with one daughter and spend 2 nights a week with my other daughter.My husband is home weekends. Everything feels too much for me and I feel like I am being pulled fast along by both hands and my brain and body cannot cope with it.This illness has wrecked my life...Does anyone else feel like they are being pulled fast along with their anxiety illness..It is the only way I can describe the way it feel...Like being spun round as well....It is horrible....I do not have a life at the moment just an existence to try and get by each day....I feel sure I am going to collapse one day with the sheer exhaustion of it all..

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Hi sorry your not well it will get better. I went through a patch like you & it's when I was drinking alcohol & reducing my medication. I've been taking pregabalin now for month's I take the maximum dose of 300mg at night & 150mg in the afternoon I take the lower dose in the afternoon due to working machinery at work as it does make me drowsy. I feel pregabalin does help with my anxiety so hopefully it will help you. Good luck & all the best to you. X .


Hi Tudor

I am sorry things haven't got any better since you last posted

These new meds you have been taking , is it about 4 weeks you have been on them ?

It can take 6 weeks sometimes slightly more before you feel a difference but if you are struggling I would tell my GP , I know you say you have tried lots of different meds but even though you have there are so many meds out there I would imagine there are still more you could try that might suite you better & I know I struggle with medication & the GP can make me feel its just me that is awkward when I say they don't suite me but especially since been on this site I know it isn't just me & now I don't let them make me feel that way & if they do I point out I know it is just not me & can say it with confidence !

I know where you are coming from when you feel like this is just an existence & you don't have a life & you feel you never will again I have been there & I want more out my life than I have now , it can be difficult when we are feeling so low to feel this will ever happen for us but it will , it can take a while but slowly & for some it can be a real slow process but things will get better

Have you ever pushed to see a psychologist , I think you have seen other professionals & this doesn't seem to have worked & years ago it was similar for me to but I have pushed to see a psychologist as I feel this is something that could benefit me & I will have nothing to loose & hopefully no matter what I will gain something from it no matter how big or small that may be everything helps

I would see your GP again , even if you think they are getting fed up of you , it doesn't matter that is what they are there for !

Keep talking on here people do understand :-)





Hi Tudor

I feel so badly for you, I remember feeling that way during my really bad times, I can't give much advice really but I would definitely keep up the meds and maybe even ask for stronger, each persons anxiety is different as we know, which of course is why there are so many meds to try, the only thing is, when you are suffering you can't wait for them to work, and if they don't, it seems like you'll feel this way forever.

I hope you'll return to your GP and take someone with you, it helps to have somebody, also are there any groups in your area for anxiety sufferers?

I wish I could wave a magic wand and anxiety would be gone forever, and we could feel so much better and live our lives happy and contented.....oh I wish!!!

I do hope you'll feel better soon Tudor. All the very best. X


Hi Tudor,

What an awful situation to be in...I really feel for you. Do you any ways of escaping the anxiety in the meantime? Any strategies you've tried in the past that work? When you feel yourself in the midst of an anxiety attack remember to focus on your breathing and try to think of something good for the moment, then reassure yourself that you're safe, you're not in any danger. Try writing down on a post it note 'I am anxious...but that's ok, it will pass and I am safe' - and stick it in places around the house, like on your mirror, fridge door, by the light switch etc. and then you won't need to remind yourself. Do you have any pets at home Tudor? They are great for calming down people with anxiety.

As Whywhy says, sometimes these things take time, and you may need to wait a little longer before the new medication starts working - or maybe you need a higher dosage.

I don't think it's all about medication either though, I think it would be a good idea to talk to someone about this - to help challenge your anxiety and try to resolve it.

And to give you a final bit of hope that it will get better. Peter Andre (he's a media personality and singer - you may have heard of him), used to have 20 panic attacks a day, everyday, each lasting for 20mins to half an hour, for 2 years. So you're really not alone. And he got better. So I'm sure you will too. :) Humans have the capacity to heal, remember that.


wanderingwallflower xx


hi tudor, have just read your post, am so sorry you are having these awful anxiety attacks, its just to let you know you are not alone having them as bad as this, my wife suffers from them in much the same way, its about getting the right meds at the right dosage, always remember you will feel a lot better when they kick in, take care jasper. xx


Thanks for all your support everyone...


I'm sure things will start to improve for you eventually. It can be hard to be positive in the face of adversity but it's one of those things that really does help. Remember we're all here to continue supporting you. Keep posted and let us know how you get on, be as honest as you like. :)



Hi tudor,you think your on your own,but Ican assure you,your not.Ifeel exactly like you,and don't know what to do,everythings an effort,I admire you for having the courage to take meds,I am afraid to take anything,im up and down like a yo yo,but those meds could kick in soon,and hopfully you will feel better...thinking of you love Miarose xxxxx


I have never felt like this before in my life..I do not know what triggered it off but it is hell on earth..I used to be so full of life.but now I am half the person I was...The mornings are the worst...I just wish I could find a way for it to stop...Everything is an ordeal and I feel so exhausted by it all...I hope you feel better soon but I would go to the doctor to have a chat and tell them how you are feeling..They may be able to help...No body who has this illness has no idea what it feels like and I would not wish it on my worst enemy...Take care and I am thinking of you ..xx


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