Will I ever feel better?

Hi all, I have suffered with anxiety since I was a teenager (I am now 31) and over the past 3 years my anxiety has got so much worse! I have always holidayed abroad once or twice a year with my husband, daughter who is 8 and step son who is now 16. Three years ago I started panicking when leaving to go to the airport, I was adamant that I couldn't go however my dad managed to calm me down and I eventually went on the holiday. (I fear that I might get ill whilst travelling, as I am Emetophobic) The following year we didn't go on holiday. Last year we booked an holiday to Costa Del Sol and the same thing happened again however this time it was worse and I ended up not going on the family holiday and abandoning my family at the airport! This made me feel terrible however I do not think my husband understands just how crappy I actually feel. I know he thinks I am just being selfish but I honestly cannot seem to control how I feel. I feel awful for my daughter as she loves going on holiday and over the past 3 weeks I have been looking at holidays abroad however I just cannot see me being able to go. I know we would all have a great time if I could just get there. I have seen my doctor who suggested anti-depressants which I don't want, I have tried CBT which didn't work, I don't even like car journeys anymore these freak me out and I am finding that I am drinking more as a result of all this just to help me forget how crappy things are at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions that I could try?


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  • sorry Donver I cannot read your post.

  • Hi,

    Please don't drink this only heightens the anxiety in the long run. Medication works for most people and maybe you just have to find the right one for you. Is there a specific reason why you don't want to take medication? I would rather be on medication than alcohol. I am due to go on holiday this Sunday and so dreading it. I normally love going abroad. I will not let the anxiety win. I am boss. Most of the time anyway. Maybe if you have a heart to heart with your husband and suggest some coping strategies together that you both agree on. Sometimes I want to run and hide, but that means the anxiety has won. I also have a fear of being sick. My partner often let's me just get on with it and that helps a lot. I spend sometime in a toilet and he knows what I am doing. He also snaps me out of a full blown panic by being authorative with me. Just discuss or try what works for you with your husband. You cannot give up, I want to but I don't want to live in sheer panic all the time. Trust me it will get better if you push yourself. Take care


  • Thanks mewmew. I seem to have got myself in a rut at the moment. I know the drinking does not help and I don't drink to get drunk I just have enough to take the edge off. I don't want to take medication as I am worried it may make me feel sick or worse, actually be sick! My husband is good with me most of the time but sometimes he does get fed up with it all. Maybe another visit to my doctors might help. Hope you enjoy your holiday. You are already braver than me by even booking to go!! xx

  • Go to anxiety center and get a coach. They have all had anxiety and have each becom anxiety free for 5+ years. The president of the site suffered for 15 years and has had all the symptoms listed. It has a 97% success rate so I encourage you to become a member and schedule an appointment via phone or skype. They are really nice and can RELATE.

  • Thanks Trea16, I will have a look into that x

  • Hi all, just a quick update! I went back to see my doctor and she prescribed me a low dosage of Citrolopram. Only took a few tablets up to now but I am staying hopeful that they will work for me. I know it takes some time for your body to get used to this medication but I am going to stick with it, fingers crossed. Hope everyone is well xx

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