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Getting better and then getting worse


Hi guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on here. I had been seeking treatment and I was very nervous about taking medications. For a while, I noticed some really great things. I was happy again. I was doing things on a whim. I was able to be myself again. I was taking a mixture of medicines including lexapro, 2 types of xanax, latuda, buspar, and some natural supplements. I was stressed about taking medicine because one day I'm taking 1 pill a day and the next day I'm taking 5 pills and trying to balance everything and remember to take them. However, I was able to live my life without the anxieties I had been feeling. Before the meds, I was nauseous all the time and after the meds the anxiety shifted to breathing problems and now I'm back to the nausea. This is making me feel like I'm taking a lot of steps backwards in my process which depresses me. I only want to keep moving forward and one day not rely on medication and therapy to keep me happy. Anyone else "relapse" or get better and then in the middle of treatment start feeling like you're starting from square one?

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Hi Kaitlin,

I would think that many members of this venue have experienced what you described. And that's not fair, or right, or because you did something wrong. (Sigh). But if you need to get back on the horse to have those great days you described, then that's what you'll be able to do. Take some time to be a bit disappointed about feeling you are taking a few steps back, that's ok. Then, just remember your goal is to get back on that horse that has thrown you and ride back up to those better days.

I'm certain you'll be hearing from others in this venue, so I'll close now. Don't be discouraged, ok? Ok. :)

Kaitlin16 in reply to Hidden

After posting this, I said to myself that I'm sure everyone goes through this and I need to not be so discouraging. It's just hard in the moment to be so happy and in a good place in one moment and then be really down the next moment. Thank you for your kind words!

Hi Kaitlin 16 yes we all get little set backs.we have some great days then out of the blue bang bad day.try not to worry about these days ,just remind yourself of how good you feel on the good days ,and the good days will return ,

Hidden in reply to Kaitlin16

You're welcome!

Girl, right here 🙋🏻 this is actually exactly what I'm going through right now. Started my medication about 2 years ago (started with Zoloft, than pristiq, then finally Venlafaxine) finally a couple months into me started medication, slowly but surely I started feeling like myself again! I was elated, so happy that I could do all the things I could before; actually felt like I could do more. But about 2 month ago I relapsed and right now I'm on the tail end of that relapse (I'm hoping lol) but yea girl, relapse definitely do happen sometimes... the key is do not get down on yourself, keep moving forward! Things will get better (I know SUCH a cliché but it is true!) and I have to admit those same words went through my head "I'm starting at square one" don't let those thoughts stay cemented in your brain though! Here for you! ❤️

Kaitlin16 in reply to arymichele

I feel so relieved to hear you went through this. Although I am sorry you are going through it, it makes me feel a little better that I am not alone. It's so hard to see how good life can be and then in the blink of an eye see how bad it can be. I don't want to be in this negative space so I have to do things to take my mind off of it. I'm also in contact with my doctor to see what she says. Thanks for the support!

arymichele in reply to Kaitlin16

Definitely, keeping your doctors up to date is always a good thing. You are not alone in this, there are plenty of people that are going through what u and I are going through. We will get through this! Something that I've just recently started is going on a simple run or jog, it has helped immensely! Trust me, I was just as surprised lol

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