Life is getting better

I decided to do a update on my life since starting this new journey to beat anxiety. I am currently still on celexa 20mg daily. I switched to taking it at night so I will sleep better. I walk at least four to five days a week before work. I try to get in five miles some days I do three. I have changed the way I eat. I still have bad habits I am trying to stop when it comes to food but the good thing is I'm trying. I am being patient with myself and not hard on myself I am human I always try to remember that. Walking has changed my life. It's makes me feel so much better. My self esteem is on the rise and my confidence is getting so much better. I am currently single but guess what I am happy. I am learning to love myself and learn what I want in life. I love to read a good book is a must for me. A good book and tea will make you feel so good. I am currently reading Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. If anyone is interesting in talking about books that helps their anxiety I am here I have a whole library. Today I wanna encourage anyone who is going through anxiety and depression don't give up. A year ago I was a mess cried everyday didn't wanna get up and go to work. Don't give up be patient with your self and be positive it takes time it will not happen over night. I like to think I'm in anxiety and depression recovery and it's been almost two years since I started on this journey of healing I am getting there. Don't give up you can do it. We all can beat this. This is not the end of our story.

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  • Thanks for letting us know how things are going, Glad to know things working for you !

  • Hi User4567. Soo happy for you and such a great testimonial story. I was feeling so good and encouraged just by reading your post. Thank you for sharing this. I too suffer from anxiety and I know that I do need to make some drastic changes in my life. I used to walk 5 sometimes 6 days a week for 2 1/2 to 3 miles. I just stopped. I think I came down with a bad cold and from there on it was so much easier for me to say " I'll do it tomorrow". One thing I am grateful is that I love all my veggies so it would not be hard to get on a good nutritious diet. Thank you again, very encouraging words. Blessings :)

  • U are very welcome

  • Great to read positive stories like this. I have a similar story. I had no hope for about 2 and a half years. Each antidepressant I tried did not work, and I was panicking and worry every single day. I have now been on Lexapro 20mg for about a month now, and along with meditation techniques and talk therapy, I am doing so much better. I don't panic every day and I'm not depressed anymore. Things aren't perfect, they aren't for anyone, but man... I would take this feeling any day over how I used to feel. I never thought I'd be able to concretely say that I'm not depressed, and I'm not anxious. There's no shame in taking medication, and it's worth it if it helps. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!

  • Thanks samanthaschhhh for sharing a positive story. Continued success.

    Life is Good :)

  • Hi User4567, how refreshing to hear your success story. I remember all you went through and it's nice to see there was a rainbow waiting for you at the end of the road. Continued success. Stay Positive and keep going forward. x

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