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Not a good night

Hey guys I hope everyone is doing good today. My day seems to have gone from bad to worse I just can't seem to get out of this slump today. I keep running the same thing over and over in my head I've tried to keep busy and keep my brain occupied, but nothing seems to work. I've just been so on edge today, but tonight my emotions have been all over the place. I've felt so slow this evening even when my niece who I love to bits wanted a hug I could barley handle it. Being that close to someone just felt wrong and made me feel really claustrophobic. I'm not sure if this is a normal part of suffering from anxiety. Sorry for rambling guys it's just been a tough night.

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Anxiety does horrible things to you and it will be hard for you to relax until you have met with your ex next week......

You have to try and take some control..... im not sure how you can do that, but maybe look at your relationship contructively instead of in a blind panic??

I know its really hard, Im going through a break up too and although I instigated the split I didnt want to split up, I wnated my ex to move to me and he wont....

So emotional upset is awful and the anxiety attached to this is overwhelming at times, but all I will say hun, is that it does get better and it passses..... I think this is the worst time cos youre not in control of the situ and thats not a nice feeling.....

I hope this helps just to know that someone elsse is feeling the same as you and youre not going mad (it makes you feel like that sometimes eh??)

Ker x


Thanks again Ker it has helped a lot since I found this blog it helps just writting my thoughts down. It's also a big help that there are people who understand what I'm going through and are able to be supportive it means a lot. I'm so used to dealing with things on my own its still a little strange for me doing this. So maybe I can take something good out of this situation in that now I can be more open with my feelings. Thanks again willrich


Well you dont have to be on your own now hun...... people here understand how you feel and will support you all the way through!! Take care xx


Ah hun dont feel bad our anxiety has many affects on us and sometimes we just cant handle being close to people when our mind is doing overtime it is your anxiety and sometimes you are so mentally emotionally and physically drained you tend to shy away from situations it will get easier again i go and go till i am so tired literally i want to sleep but its cos i am trying to fight my mind and not letting the thoughts and fears come back but i am so tired and make myself ill i just wont sit scared it will be there wirh me all the time it is hard but its our way of dealing with the tourment and symptoms hun dont let it beat you chin up xxxxx


Thank you for your reply and helping me understand a little more about what I'm going through. Everyone on here has been so nice since I joined it means a lot.


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