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Good to bad

Hey guys well I was feeling optimistic yesterday I had a fairly good day the I've had for a few weeks. I had a good day at work then I went out last night with a friend to see a film and met a few new people. I felt a bit bit in edge to start with around new people, but managed to switch off and enjoy the film.

This morning has been completely different though I've been really on edge I keep going over everything that's gone on the last few weeks trying to figure out what went wrong. All I want to do is be left on my own and not have to deal with work today, but in here trying to get on with things.

I've felt I've been coping with this fairly well, but today it's really getting me down. On the plus side I've made an appointment to see my GP next week so hopefully they will be able to help me out in some way. Hope everyone else is doing better than me today.

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well done for making the docs appointment. i know its hard but try not to think over things, it just causes more havoc in your head. glad you managed to ejoy the movie, what did you see? are you aloud music on at work or headphones? i find music is a good distraction, not sad stuff though cos yourll be crying in your tea:) x


I do try not to over think things, but I just find so many things remind me of her. We went to see the be GI Joe film it wasn't the greatest film, but it was the sort of film I didn't have to think to hard about which was good. Nah not allowed music at work I work outside and it's a safety thing we need to be able to hear what's going on around us if I was allowed I'd defiantly have my music on. Been stick in the can most of the day which hasn't helped matters today. How are you doing today?


bit up and down today, off to the docs this evening, gonna try some anti anxiety drugs cos what im on helps depression but does nothing for anxiety at all, infact it can cause it.....? totally baffled. im absolutly freezing its snowing here again. it is hard when everything reminds you of someone.x


I've had a down day today just can't seem to focus on anything. well good luck at the doctors I hope it all goes well. This weather is bloody stupid for April its days like this working outside sucks a bit. Yeah it's really hard its even random things that remind me of her. As i said good luck with the doctor let me know how it goes.


That's meant to be van not can.


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