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Needing a bit of advice

Hi guys!!

So lately I've felt so bad my throat has the feeling of this lump and like there's a lyer over my throat

again, I keep pushing to eat because that's the only way you can live,I've got x-rays and went threw ent,but this feeling is just a big bully, it's making me really upset,because there's only enough I can take of this awful sencation or whatever it is, I always feel like I can't breath like all the time it's so scary,could you lovely people help me out please?

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I've often had that feeling - the first time I got it I thought there was something wrong with me. It's pure anxiety. I'm sure if you chat to other people who suffer from stress and anxiety, you'll see it's very common. Hope this helps - I've been around the block a few times!


It acc feels like someone has an hold of my airways, it's awful, I don't know how this could be anxiety I'm not doubting you or trying to call you a liar because you've went threw it youself, it's just i feel so awful,and feel like I'm gonna die over this,I always think the doctors will leave it to late,it's acc feels awful it's just sitting on my throat never moves x


Hi i had that sensation with my anxiety it was horrible i thought i was gonna choke to death .It has passed now its just hard ti accept at that moment in time even when youve been cleared by doctors .stay calm and hopefully you will come to accept that its all anxiety related love paula xxx

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It's the most awful feeling, the feeling your gonna choke to death,it's just such a nasty thing,I just feel this big thing in my throat I'm pretty sure there's something there,but the doctors say it's anixty itself,it's just hard to deal with x

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We all get symptoms that we find are really hard to believe are anxiety but if you think of how small of an area the throat is, after xrays and seeing ent it isn't very likely that there is something physically in your throat. They truly would have seen it after that.

You need to try to find a way that can ease it. Have you tried any meditation? I was always first to snort at the thought of meditation but it truly is a distraction and calming sensation. I've not managed to really get into a trye calm meditatice state by it as yet but it is great to relax you. There's some great 10 min ones on YouTube.

Anything that you previously enjoyed doing you could really set yourself a task with that and make yourself sit and do it, then before you know it you look up and think hang on I haven't been feelingor thinking about it for half an hour. It is very hard at first but is totally possible.

Deep breathing exercises, really practising these can be a massive help ifyou get a panic attack because it will come much more naturally to you to do the deep breathing you have practised. It's also a distraction technique as you are focussing on it.

Failing those then being continually busy until you aren't thinking or aware of the feeling in your throat. Repeatingvthis for a few days and you will notice it less because you have trained your mind a bit to not be focusing on it.

Hope something here helps I know what it's like being panicked by something all day long. It's such a vicious circle.

Has your dr recommended any treatment? xx

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Hi. I have had this symptom for decades!! Can you imagine? It is extreme anxiety manifesting in a lump in the throat. It is for me a pressure as well creating a panic feeling. There is no one solution except to know you are loved and to love yourself as you are. This requires tremendous patience and repeated kindness to yourself. The intense anxiety is a mask for a deeper emotional issue that the "little child" in you is not ready to face. You are OK as you are even though the symptoms feel like they are skewing everything and your mind goes haywire. The opposite of fear is love and it can be very hard to love yourself when these symptoms arise! I should know. For over 50 years, I have had them. Still recognize that just getting thru the day is a victory to be applauded!!


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