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Not got that Friday feeling

Evening guys my mood has not really improved since yesterday. Been trying to keep myself busy today as I haven't been at work, but it's been hard to find the motivation. Not really felt anxious today just low. That was until I started cooking dinner then I started to feel really on edge I'm not sure why. Since then I've been struggling. As always I felt really claustrophobic I hate this feeling. Now in bed watching a film and it feels like my heart is gonna burst through my chest. I just can't seem to relax.

Hope everyone's Friday has been better than mine. Here's to a better weekend

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Hey monkeeey your right about the cooking bringing backs memories and that's probably what caused my anxiety to flair up. It brought up memories of my ex. Our breakup caused my anxiety. So your theory was spot on.

I'm chilling out with my niece (well trying to) watching men in black 3.



Did you do stuffed mushrooms :-D

The way you are feeling is normal & you are doing just great (even though you may not feel it )

I no the feelings you are getting are crap , they feel awful , let them come , they will go again

Try ironing some pants or something , keep occupied :-/ (trying to make you smile ) maybe its not working , so I will send some (((((((hugs ))))))))))) and let me tell you , I don't send them out willy nilly , you no ;-)



Nah did tortellini with chicken with a bacon and chorizo sauce it was nice. Was up to stuffing mushrooms tonight.

Don't so ironing if I can help it I'm thinking of sending it all to you though. You did bring a little smile to my face :-) Still not got a slogan for out pants hangers lol

Thanks for the hug. You do know if we keep hugging like this people will talk lol.

How you doing?



Dinner sounds nice :-)

Thought Cookie was doing the ironing ? no she was just getting you to give it her to send to me :-/

Its very quite on here tonight , lets hope that's because people are feeling good :-)

Don't worry , they wont talk about us & if they do we cant hear them :-D

I am just trying to catch up on some TV , I sky+ everything , then I can skip the adverts

I wont send hugs then just a :-/



Yeah let's hope people are doing good.

I hate adverts. You watching anything good?

:-/ back at ya


Well the usual soaps , like them all

Alan Carr , love him makes me laugh

And a drama called the Ice cream Calls

Not all at once of course :-D

love Saturdays , like Britains Got Talant & the Voice , I like he is cheeky ;-)

Bet this sounds like watching paint dry to you lol

:-/ back to you


Don't mind BGT. Don't do the soaps.

I'm currently watching supernatural do you know it?

Some friends call me they think its funny. :-/


Sorry Will

Went to bed :-D

No I am not in to supernatural , I don't no it :-o

hope you have a better day today



Hope you feel better today Will............



I know the 'not Friday feeling' watching a film good idea films are such good distractions a bit of fantasy is great to get your mind off things. I find reading as much fiction and positive mental health information is also good to help take your mind off things.


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