not a good wk

not a good wk

I have felt shitty on and off all wk. i finally have been taking my tablet everyday this wk instead of keep missing them. i had an argument with my mates sister the other nite and with my sister last nite. im not even an argumentative person. plus ive had another friend visiting most the wk with her 3 young children ive been running around after them. shes having problems with her ex so that's all ive heard about. plus this time of yr i spring clean so ive been trying to do that to. its been hectic. ive had a lot of moments where ive felt down and had anxiety symptoms so ive pushed myself all wk. i took my son to the hospital this afternoon to have his cast changed to walk in there to a packed waiting room. that kicked my anxiety off but i got it under control and it soon went. its like i haven't stopped all wk, or had time to relax. ive had to tell my mate that im busy tomorrow as i just want peace, i just don't want to hear about her ex or run about after her kids. i hope that doesn't sound selfish but i need a few days time out to chillax and recharge my mind. its Friday tomorrow the wkend is here i hope u all have a good wkend end and im sure i will c u all in roses garden xxx


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  • Hi donaf

    Sounds like you have been doing to much my love , no wonder you feel a bit crap

    Well done though taking your meds & getting through the panic attack & keeping it under control , you have made big progress you no ;)

    When we take to much on , this is what happens , we start feeling crap , I just imagined how you were managing to spring clean , with a mate & her kids running , round that would send me into a panic attack do right , you should have the day tomorrow to do what you want , so tell your friend , infact take as many days as you want , you need some "me " time , you make sure you put yourself first ;)




  • Sound like you've done so much so your right as you need to have a rest to yourself tomorrow, maybe paint your toes nail or nails will make you feel bit better, snuggle up on sofa, read magazines or books with cuppa will do you good!! :-) glad you've got your anxiety under control and I know you can do it :-) xx stay positive!

  • I did this the other week and got myself so stressed out i needed time for myself. Don't feel guilty aboit having your own time. Relax and do something YOU enjoy. xx

  • Don't feel selfish or guilty. friendship should be reciprocal. if you have seen your friend most days this week you have done your bit and she should now understand that you need a bit of time for yourself. if she doesn't she is the selfish one.

  • Hi donaf you sound as though you having a tough week like me i have been the same taking my partner to work at 6 every morning getting my 3 children ready for school work myself then back to pick OH from work which is a good half an hour drive both morning and afternoon i feel as though i am constantly running round after others and have no time for myself and ended up back at a&e wed with terrible pains in my chest again felt so ill and fed up and this week its all hit me again and am really trying to pick myself up again and it sounds like you and me both need to have a little me time and chill out a little although its so hard sometimes and no you definately not selfish you have your own worries what with your son in and out to hospital sometimes you just have to say no otherwise you get all the stress and worries of someone elses when you have your own so dont feel awful hun you need to put yourself 1st sometimes but you sound so much like me and run yourself so down before saying enough is enough and by then its usually too late as you are already in that circle of anxiety and feeling down again you stick to your guns hun theres nothing to feel guilty about you have done enough in week without it disrupting your weekend too xxxxxxx

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