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does anxiety give you morbid thoughts ?

whenever I am feeling anxious (which is nearly every minute of the day now ) I am getting horrible thoughts about death, not my own, but about friends who have departed, the thoughts are there all the time, the more I try to block them out of my mind the more they return, am I going mad I keep saying to myself. so sorry to put down an awful blog on mothers day. hope the rest of you out there are feeling a bit better..

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Good afternoon

Yes i have those morbid thoughts to except mine are about me

that is when i start to hear the voices telling me what a bad person i am and the world would be better off with out me ,

i havae never tried sucide but do self harm when those voices just take over and i cant shift them .

i to think i am going mad maybe i am maybe i have already . any way whats normal ?

newton hope you find a lull in those thoughts today


thanks beebouncy. hope your awful thoughts subside as well.



Yes I get it too but my medication and therapy sessions make things more manageable. I can be reading a magazine and having a reasonably good day and the thoughts pop into my head. They can be about me or other loved ones. I try distract myself and not focus on them and they pass. I've been practising relaxation(hard at first) and this helps too. I've battled for years with anxiety and depression and it seems to all be part of it. Try not to dwell too much on the thoughts, be kind to yourself xx


hi eve. thank you for those kind words x


Hi luv i have been suffering now for a few months and i often get these horrendous and terryifying thoughts they really do scare me and feel as though i am going mad and i think love you need to get up and occupy yourself its hard i know and also i am taking meds and councelling which does help but still get bad days but more good days than i was having couldnt go out before was petrified have you seen your gp xxxx


thanks sheff wed, think your right with the counselling. will have words with doc. xx


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