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Anxiety horrible thoughts fell real


Hi all a suffer bad anxiety will list some symptoms and fears douwn


Sore head


Body feels weird

Tired all time

Struggle to get out bed


Hot flushes

Fears are

Think am going to die /dying

Fell like something bads going to happen to me

All thoughts fells so real am relly scared am so tired am scared to sleep in case a die been to doctors thay have refferd me to se a cbt for my anxiety not taking anything as scared due to side affects a relly do whant to get better but scared to at same time any help watt to do as these thoughts and feeling seem so real thay ate scarying me rwlly bad thanks for reading and if anyone replys

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Hi there, yeah I can totally agree with these, all of them, sometimes they take turns and come and go but I have had all these for about a year.

Thats same as me had them for a year to scary stuff

First, slow, deep, breaths. I like to do 5 seconds in, hold for 2, 5 seconds out. Just focus on breathing and nothing else for the moment. I know, that might be a little hard at first, but if you keep doing it, it'll get easier. Repeat that until your mind clears a little. Your going to be ok! :) As for your symptoms, I'm pretty sure they all have to do with your anxiety. The reason you feel funny is because of the stress that's building up. I know what that feels like, not fun. You said you feel scared of getting better? Based on my experience with anxiety, i too felt scared to change. I think that's because your body has made a "comfort zone" in your anxiety (if that makes sense) CBT really is an effective technique to help get rid of anxiety. May i also recommend meditation? There is some good anxiety meditations on youtube.

Good luck! I know you'll get through this!

Hi maggiecass1988, As all of us do, you got an A+ on your symptoms from Anxiety. They feel real because they are physically caused by your negative mind set. A thought comes to mind, a red flag goes up and Alerts your body that you may be in trouble. Instead of sending out the troops, our body sends out plenty of Adrenaline so we can run and/or fight. When we sit there and freeze in terror, that adrenaline has no where to go except to our muscles and nerves, making us experience all these weird sensations.

You're tired but afraid to sleep, you could take short term medication but afraid of side affects, you really want to get better but even that scares you some, do you see how you are putting up those red flags of alert with just the negative thoughts.

CBT can help you start moving forward and so I am hoping you set up an appointment soon and keep us posted. You are going to be okay, just need to make a few minor adjustments in your way of thinking. xx

Thank u very mutch nust waiten on app to come througth

Good Luck Maggiecass. Don't forget we are here while you are waiting :)

Maggie try and listen to doctor Clare weekes on u tube she is old school but tells u how to manage anxiety.try and accept and go with anxiety I'm struggling but trying hard as it spoils take care sending u a hug.keep strong

One other thing, if you google stuff, like symptoms, google is just going to give you the bad information. In my mind, it's one of the WORST tools for anxiety sufferers because it just adds fuel to the fire. Plus, how can we know what's true on the internet anymore...i guess what i'm trying to say is, if you do google, don't take everything at face value. :)

Nicole8631 in reply to maegoid

google is my worst enemy 🖐

Thanks u everyone a managed to sleep even low a was convinced a was going to die but hear iam righti this fells gd but got my anxiety all back again morining anxietys worse then a have it all day n scared off everything like watt if am going to die watt of a faint hoose going to look after ma kids amd hubby relly scared off dying n death thats my main sympyomsif thay pass a think a could cope with rest off symptoms

I feel exactly same , my head pain worst symptom at moment , convinced I have a brain tumour, it's an endless circle of worry , try to be normal but feel so far out of it x

Same here dose anyone see we black dots our floats way there eyes

Hie how are you now ..did you manage to get anything that helps you to easy your anxiety?

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