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Hello I am a 20yr old male who is healthy and active. I need help I have been told by my doctor I have anxiety these are my symptoms constant head pressure sometimes headaches, eye strain and pain, stiff neck, sore and aching muscles, body feels heavy a lot, feeling constantly out of it like I'm high all the time. About two months ago I started getting lightheaded and feeling out of it and it hasn't went away im so scared. I also get very lightheaded after I eat and feel like I am going to pass out I have had almost any blood test you can think of including diabetes, I have also had two ekgs and go for a stress test and ct tomorrow I am so scared that they are going to find a tumor of heart problems I cannot stop panicking and worrying no matter what I do I have been on lexapro for about 3 weeks now 10mg a day seems to help my mood but that's it. The thing that worries me the most is that there is actually something very wrong with me the out of it feeling constantly is starting to really scare me I am also off balance all the time and have trouble with words and using my hands sometimes any feedback would be appreciated thank you.

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I have just had to reply to you as your post for a 20 year old male was so well written & polite :-)

I know when when we have anxiety we have all the symptoms you describe & more & it can be hard to believe that anxiety could cause us to feel this way but it does & the more we worry the more symptoms we get it becomes a vicious circle but one that you can stop given time & support

Sounds like you have a little Health anxiety but from all the tests you have had already looks like you are a healthy young man they have tested just about everything except the tests you are having tomorrow which I have a feeling everything will be fine with those to

Your doctor is been really good as you have complained how you feel & even though they think it is anxiety they are still doing these last tests which maybe is to reassure you more than anything & after you have had them done with the help of your doctor & as well as the meds you could ask about some counselling which is a real help when we are suffering

Most people going for tests even without anxiety will be worried so what you are feeling is normal , but ask yourself , why should they find something wrong & I doubt they will but if they did then they could make you well & it would be good that they have caught it early so either way you win if you look at it like that

Let them know when you go how anxious you are & what your fears are they will reassure you & help you feel more at ease

Good Luck & let us know how you get on x


Thank you tigger I will and I appreciate your comment so much it is really a good feeling that there is someone who is willing to listen and talk to you about your problems my family is getting annoyed because I constantly talk about my symptoms so I find myself in my room a lot alone and it isn't fun at all I just want to feel better I have such an amazing life and beautiful family and girlfriend I want to be there for them and I get so scared I won't be thank you so much for your reply.


I'm 31 and healthy and active. I've had many of the same symptoms over the last 5 weeks: headaches every day, head pressure, weird feelings on my head, eye pain and the feeling of vision problems, muscle pain, vertigo.

The first doctor I saw just said anxiety, because I've had anxiety before. The second did some blood tests, which showed a white blood count indicating a virus. But I now think the virus has gone, leaving just the anxiety.

I'm also terrified of a brain tumour or cardiac problems. When I'm not actually having an anxiety attack I'm pretty sure my symptoms are anxiety though.

Seeing a phycologist might help you to identify the cause of anxiety. For me, it seems as though having a stressful time of it (moving country) build it up, and then the odd feelings in my face from the virus triggered it.


Hi all I'm same 24/7 get worried having a Stoke or heart attack .. eyes head been awful last two days as we say anixery awful couse so much make feel so ill now dizzy feeling have all time to feeling in head awful feel passing out xx jill


Hi. I experience most of the symptoms you have. The balance issues are very difficult to ignore or live with. I'm an active 62 year old woman and anxiety gets in the way of things I want to do. I first experienced the effects of anxiety when I was a little younger than yourself. The symptoms were different - palpitations, difficulty breathing etc. I recovered and enjoyed life after a period of time, and did so for many years. I think being young and going out with friends helped me. I think some people with a particular personality can be more prone to anxiety by their thinking processes. We can be our own worst critics, hard on ourselves to achieve. We may not realise the undercurrent that causes our anxiety. I truly feel for young people with anxiety. First thing is to accept your symptoms, they are unpleasant but harmless. This will remove additional stress and help you begin your recovery. Be kind to yourself.


Hi there is a lot of people who suffer the same thing as u I'm for one who does I have all of the above I feel like I'm getting weaker every day the worst my balance is shocking I'm always falling in to something or some one I am on citralopram and am waiting for my appointment for CBT which can be very helpful for you as I have had enough of taking tablets I also came a cross a herbal remedy which has no side affects what so ever n can help with other things its just flower essences its called Dr batch rescue remedy in case any one wants to give it a try u take it with water or any drink u choose or straight on the tounge and if ur anxiety kicks in when u are out u can just take the remedy when ever u need a boost as u can keep it in your pocket but you are not alone hun it is awful what we go through and I'm sure there is light at the end of the tunnel for us all


I have every sympton you have described. My worse complaint is the head pressure and constant feeling of being on a boat. Once you have your tests today you will be able to come to terms with it being anxiety. I know it seems like it had to be something bad but I am sure it is not. Our brain tricks us into thinking the worse cause we know how bad we feel. Anxiety is terrible. And you are so young. Hang in there, you will be fine. Once you know you are fine with all your results, YOU will have the power. I have taught myself how to live around this medication free. I have good days and some bad but feel so much better knowing I am not alone. Good luck and keep on keeping on! You got this.


Anyone else get lightheaded after working out and constantly lightheaded


Hi Clarm6867,

Once again I am on here because I am so much better than helping others than I am at helping myself.

I'm sorry you've been struggling so much recently. I was just wondering, was there anything that triggered off you feeling this way? Any particular incident? If you can identify something, I think this might reassure you - as it might give a better understanding of how you're feeling. If you can't, that's also fine. Sometimes these experiences can just occur spontaneously.

I know you're worried about these up coming tests and results. None of us here are in any position to tell what they are going be. But I think you'll feel better once you know regardless of what they are. Being forced to wait is a cruelty we all have to endure, and fear of the unknown - which I'm sure is what you're experiencing, is much worse.

Once you know the cause of your symptoms, even if it's something you don't want to hear, you'll find the best way forward and the strength to deal with it. But don't assume the worse case scenario either.

Try to look at all of the facts as objectively as possible. The initial tests have come back clear, which is a good sign. Also bear in mind, that because you're stressing out about the tests, this will making your symptoms worse in themselves, whatever the primary cause, because stress always makes symptoms worse. In the meantime be kind to yourself. If you're able, just make the decision to forget about all the medical stuff even for half hour or so, and do something you enjoy, like spending quality time with the people who are important to you. You can't control the outcome of these results, so try to let it go for now and enjoy each moment. After all, that's all life consists of, moments, and life doesn't last forever for any of us. But I understand that's easier said than done.

As for the light-headedness - I know that's something important to you so I'll try to answer best I can, but that's not to say I'm right. As for this and the other related symptoms, the vision problems, dizziness, feeling disorientated - there are relatively common symptoms relating to anxiety. Some of them are familiar to me, like the pressure and the difficulty focusing with vision. All of them are to an extent actually -I'm sure I've experienced each at least once, although rarely really intensely. Although maybe they rarely appear as classic symptoms of anxiety which is why they are causing you so much concern. Because they seem particularly unfamiliar.

They sound to me like features of mild panic attacks. I've wondering if this is what you've been experiencing - but to such a mild extent, and so frequently that you scarcely notice them and think they're there all of the time.

How often do you get these symptoms? Maybe it would help to keep a diary of whenever they occur. That way, you'll have somewhere safe to express them without talking to your family about it as much and feeling like you're repeating yourself. You might also be able to notice patterns and have a better understanding of them, and you've got a record to show your doctor.

They sound like symptoms of intense hyper-arousal and stress. And if you are worrying about your health, and attributing these symptoms to them then it wouldn't be surprising that you're experiencing them so intensely. It is possible to feel so anxious about our health that we start to imagine symptoms, and experience them as a result of anxiety, but I don't want to patronise you. You've probably been told this before and it's not nice to keep being told. Just don't dispute the possibility.

Whatever the cause, I hope you can get relief from your symptoms soon, and I hope you feel better generally soon as well. :)

I don't know if any of this will help. But I just wanted to reach out,



I appreciate everything you have said and done for me the stress test came back normal just waiting on the ct as for the trigger I have always worried my whole life one day I got a bad panic attack and that I was having a heart attack that was what I worry about is my heart as for the symptoms the pressure and lightheadedness are almost constant I can't break them ever my doc thinks I have a sinus build up so this could be causing the head symptoms I also constantly worry and panic and think the worst thank you for taking the time to talk


Hey again :)

That's ok just edited it so you might want to re read it to see if it makes more sense.

Yeah, that make sense - what you say about panic attack. People can often mistake a panic attack for a heart attack, it can mimic exactly the same symptoms, and be convinced they are going to die so this can be traumatic in itself. As a result, people panic about having a panic attack which makes them much more frequent, and much harder to decipher - and based on what you say I'd say the initial one was from the build up of worrying about it.

I knew it was a possibility that some of your symptoms wouldn't be purely anxiety and I'm glad that your doctor has an idea of what might be causing some of it. In the big scheme of things a sinus build up is most likely - especially at your age :) it's a lot more common and would just as clearly explain your head symptoms. Also it's perfectly treatable. :)

I hope you're ok and get relief from all of this stress soon. Do you know why you've always felt worried?

wanderingwallflower xx


No clue I've just always worried about even the little things. Once I get something on my mind I can't let it go it is really debilitating and it makes me depressed because I feel like there is nothing that can be done.


That must be tough. I suppose it is just what happens with some people. I know it can seem like there's no way out but people can get better and learn to manage it.

What you say, about always worrying about the little things, and not being able to let something go when it's on your mind, sounds a bit like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Do you have any particular habits that you feel you can't go without doing? Bare in mind I'm not a doctor so don't take everything I say face value. But maybe it would be worth bringing up with your doctor? You can get treatment specifically tailored for it. xx


Head Pressure, Stiff Neck, Dizziness, Lightheadedness(Yes worse after eating large meals), Off Balance and constant feeling of being out of it pretty much sums up my last 5 years. I've also had the hand issue. I actually have it currently, where half my body feels weaker. My left hand in particular seems very uncoordinated/shaky. I've had the MRI,CT,ECG, EEG, Blood Tests etc. I've been diagnosed with GAD and Health Anxiety. I was on Lexapro(20MG) for about a year. before that I was on Wellbutrin & Xanax. I am currently off both of those, but on Klonopin as needed. You will need to be careful with meds, because you will build a tolerance. My symptoms are constant 24/7. The only relief I get is when I sleep. Shortly after waking up my symptoms return. I'm a 35 year old male.

All that is to say, yes it sounds very much like the anxiety that I suffer from and yes all of these symptoms, according to my doctor, can be related to anxiety. The best advice I can give you is to try and fully accept the fact that anxiety is your ailment. I never have been able to fully accept it myself, which is why it has probably gone on as long as it has. Try and stay positive. I am currently looking at Hyperventilation Syndrome as the possible co-cause of these symptoms. Best of luck.


Yeah it's just a super weird feeling like things aren't real I don't have a lot of dizziness but have a lot of pressure and off balance and also some vision problems


Just got all my tests back the brain ct was normal along with the stress test but they found a cyst in my sinus which can be cured with antibiotics I am so relieved thank you so much for all of your support i appreciate it so much


Hooray Brilliant news , so pleased for you :-)

Believe it or not things like little cysts can cause problems so once those antibiotics get working you should see a difference

Well now you know you have a Full clear bill of health so from now on it looks like it is your anxiety you have to concentrate on , how you want to approach dealing with it & so on & you will

I did read you have always been a worrier , do you think that you enjoy life so much deep down that this is why you worry so much as you are waiting for something to go wrong to take it all away from you ?

I just ask as when I was younger like you this is what sort of started my worry of which then created anxiety

Anyway have a lovely evening :-) x


Yes I enjoy my life very much and everyone in it and I don't want to lose that so soon


Hi there im maggie as all these other nice people have said we are all in this together all got the same simptoms, i have recentley been back to my doc told him how my migranes have got worse iv lost count how many times i have tried to tell him whats going on all they know is giving out pills well i dont want pills ,weall need to be listend to . you will be ok love you just need the right people to help you . no one knows how it feels to be locked up in your own mind i feel this every day and i feel so lonley but imjust trying to get on with it.some people think that worrying all the time is silly it is not , we are missunderstood. hope you will be ok thinking of you.


Hey everyone in doing slightly better I have recently started therapy which is helping a little bit I still am feeling very weak shaky and out of it I worry that I have hypoglycemia I have been tested for it at first they said I had it then my doctor said I don't should I get tested for it again after I eat I feel worse every symptom is worse what should I do


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