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OCD thoughts about death causing anxiety

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Hi everyone,

I am 28 and just experienced a bereavement, my step dad died of cancer and i witnessed everything. I have always wondered about death but now for 3months my mind constantly reminds i will one day die and it will be all dark and horriable my mind can't make sense of it. Its the first thing i thing of when i wake and before i go to sleep. I have just started cbt therapy and now on mirtzipine which has helped me sleep and eat but the thoughts are always there. Not sure how i can move past this or thing of death as positive. I feel very scared that one day i won't be me, how to people live there lives knowing this? I have a constant feeling of dread and can't live in the moment. Anyone else have this? Is there any medcine that helps, or positive thinking that would help? I like the idea of reincarnation?

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We are same age and also same thoughts. I mean we have negative thoughts and always worries about my health. I am always thinking I am going to die soon and I feel worries and panic attack everyday. I told myself to calm down and think positive thoughts but my body won't listen to me😢 I have severe headache and dizziness all the day. When I feel dizzy I also have shortness of breath and I feel afarid. It's like a cycle now. I am now try meditation, when I take meditation, I feel relax and peaceful. U should try aslo. Hope we will better soon!!!

Thank you. I guess for me I'm anxious knowing one day we will die I get a little shaky and heartbeats. My symptoms and yours are symptoms of aniexty so don't worry that won't harm you. I'm just full of morbid thoughts :( x

Laurakingsurrey, you are still grieving over the death of your step dad which has upset you deeply and this has got mixed up with thoughts of your own mortality. You are allowed to have strange thoughts when you're grieving, just accept them and let them run their course and in time they will pass. There's no need to worry because your having them.

As for your fear of death, it isn't dark and horrible as you say, quite the contrary if the reports on Near Death Experiences are to be believed. There is a website somewhere that records the NDEs of literally thousands of people who 'died' during an operation or a bad accident or drowning or whatever but were then revived or sent back because they had unfinished work to do. None of them actually wanted to come back but orders are orders. The thing is although all these thousands of people report different things the bulk of what they experienced is all the same.

Remember, human beings consist of energy and energy cannot be destroyed only converted into something else. That's my opinion anyway, and you did ask, but I suggest at your young age you should concentrate on building a good life, you can leave the other questions for at least another 40 years before turning your attention to them.

Thanks Jeff that helped my mind still it likes to fast forward 40 years and I think what's the point if one day we won't exist. I must be open minded and positive but it's hard when you watch someone pass. I'm not sure if my aniexty causes these thoughts or the other way round. You feel ok about death?

Laura, nature instils in us all the wish to avoid death as long as posible as part of nature's imperitive for the survival of the human race. Perhaps just as the anxiety state exaggerates fears in general many times their normal level this has happened to your goodself and many others who have an exaggerated fear of dying: as with all other symptoms of a sensitised nervous system this preoccupation will return to normal levels when your general anxiety is resolved.

Those thousands I spoke of who have recorded Near Death Experiences report almost without exception a tremendous feeling of euphoria and being loved and a complete understanding of why bad things must happen in the world. If they are to be believed they are told "It's not your time yet, sorry you must go back". Many argue that they don't want to go back but go back they must with the promise that eventually they will return. And so reluctantly they return to this vale of tears. And although there may be a place called Hell nobody seems to go there☺ Reincarnation which you mentioned, regression into past lives through hypnosis is another story.

So I am sure that when you recover fully from your anxiety through Acceptance your present preoccupation with dying will return to normal levels. Death is only like passing from one room into another.

Thanks Jeff that helped but it's still on my mind I hope it will past but I am keen to fix it asap. I just can't stop thinking about the inevitable and each day brings us closer. I also dread ageing which has slowly begun. The thought of not existing gets me and I dwell on it. Thanks for your comment if I truly believed reincarnation I'd be more at peace

Yes I do I've had it for ages though it comes and goes. Yours sounds reactive but I understand it's still frightening. Tc

Thank you how did yours go away?

I have this too, I'm constantly thinking about death, I know how frightening these thoughts can be, I'm here if you ever need to talk :)

Thanks harley yes it's just constantly at the front of mind life seems pointless if we one day die. I just try and imagine it and get freaked out. I think so many morbid thoughts. I know I hopefully have a long way to go and it's waste of energy to think about it but the subject baffles me I need to know there's something else after the thought of nothing is too much too bear x

I do the same, I just had a terrible panic attack whilst walking around the house, I started to question reality and how death will feel. I had to sit down and watch some mindless crap online to calm myself down, I feel like I'm just sitting on the verge of a panic attack all the time :( stupid fear of death when it 100 percent will happen one day and we are wasting are lives worrying about it -.-

It's awful I had panic attacks during the night but they have gone now it's more just a constant wonderment and dialogue. It's exhausting. I don't know what 60 or 70+ years olds do? Perhaps the mind at that age helps them but I dbt think it does my stepdad died at 71 and he said he was anxious. I wonder how I will die too what would be the best way that wouldn't freak me out. I will need to be drugged up I think. I just dnt know how people get on with there day knowing this today I cried over it

I thought I was alone 😞 My biggest fear is death honesty I'm scared to died . .

Nope your not alone in think everyone is but I just think about it too much for my age

With respect, obsession is a common symptom of anxiety, it's quite normal to be obsessed with something when your nerves are sensitised, it could be germs (like Howard Hughes who walked around on Kleenex tissues), or spiders or being burgled. Instead of just comparing notes with how scared of death you are, why don't you do something about it and get your lives back. Like actually freeing yourselves from your irrational fears by freeing yourself from the nervous sensitisation that is fuelling your irrational obsessions.

If you really want to recover I suggest you read the book by Claire Weekes called 'Self help with your nerves', it's been curing people of anxiety disorder for 40 years through her method of Acceptance which she developed to cure herself of panic attacks and anxiety when she was a young woman training to be a doctor. You can pick up a used copy on Amazon for 1p. plus postage. And laurakingsurrey, for another 1p. plus postage you can pick up a copy of 'Discovering your past lives' by Glenn Williston.

Whatever you do don't just sit around exchanging posts with other deathophobes, do something positive like reading that book by Claire Weekes and free yourself from panic attacks, obsession and anxiety caused by an over sensitive nervous system. You can you know.

I'm 74 by the way and I don't live in fear of death so neither should you, in fact I've just ordered a new Alfa Romeo and when it arrives my wife and I will be off for a drive down the winding lanes of Surrey and Sussex to visit our great-grandson by the sea without a care in the world.

bless you I hope to be like you when im 74

Thanks Jeff I will get the books then. Still feeling the same but hopefully I get over it in time. And good for you

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Autumn822 in reply to Jeff1943

You are amazing.! I wish i had 10% of your peace of mind..I am trying to get there. and looking for that book!

Im 53. Got the same problem.always brought on by some sort of trauma. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could connect person to person with others like us. A physical support system..spending time living life with those who have similar fears..we could be scared together..which would i believe bring strength from our weaknesses. Just my opinion.. :-)

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