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i dont understand what happens to me sometimes.

please help me i worry about stupid things. i recently suffered with really bad depression, i started to manage it but i never stop worrying and thinking that no good will come out of the things that i do. i sometimes panic and have really bad anxiety attacks when there is nothing to tigger them. i feel overwhelming dread, my heart starts going fast as well as my breathing and i start to get upset. please help i want to manage this problem without going back to the doctors and without having to take medication. i suffered with a really bad panic attack a few years ago, i actually thought i needed a paramedic. since then i have always worried and suffered with short panic and anxiety attacks, they can be very spread out but they are never truly gone. please help me manage this problem it is ruining my life, it has got so bad over the last year or so.

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sounds like irrational thoughts its all ties in with anxiety. I also suffer with these but not as bad as they used to be. I know it sounds mad but singing loudly helps. it helps getting air into your lungs which helps with breathing and panic and regulates heartbeat and it releases happy endorphines.!! when these panic things happen you have to learn to concentrate on something else. easier said than done I know??


ahh i wondered why i felt better after a good song song.


I am just like you but have not suffered depression,I can't say I have real worries but it is stupid made up ones I have,worries that have not yet happened but fills me with dread for when they will happen.I don't get enough sleep because the worries are so bad I am awake most of the night,I am so unhappy


yes this is what happens to me my brain makes up whole senarios that probably will never happen and i sight worring about them getting upset by them wheres the off switch.


Hi skyler

Hope you are feeling a little better today i know how you feel because this happens to me and i can only describe it as being in a black hole seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. This morning i got up with a positive attitude like fighting with my demons saying i am taking a short walk to the local shop Phew i managed. Tonight i thought i would walk the same path again and felt stressed out. This was for no reason and i understand your heart beating fast and feeling upset. We are all here to help listen and advise each other which is brilliant.

Good Luck

Take care

Seyi x


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