Severe Panic Attack

I'm so sick and tired of this feeling! The feeling of thinking I'm going to die! I have real bad anxiety. Lately, I been having SEVERE panic attacks. They come when they want too. The ones at night are the worse ones for me. It comes out of nowhere. It starts with the heart thing. I have this problem where I have to keep feeling for a pulse. It feels like I don't have one when I'm going through this attack. My chest feels tight and I can't catch my breath. I try to take deep slow breaths...but it makes it worse. I get dizzy and think I'm going to pass out and die. I try to get fresh air or take showers to help this attack. It only gets worse. I pace around the house worrying that this is going to be it! I'm going to die with this one. I'm so tired of having these attacks. Why me? I don't wish this on my worst enemy. I cry and pray that the attack will go away. I don't know about you guys, but my attacks can last hours. I lost control. This evil attack won! It beat me up and scared the living dead out of me. I didn't know there was thus site for support. I was actually googling if there was such things of having back to back Panic Attacks. And I found this. As I'm writing right now, I'm having an attack. I'm trying to get my mind on other things, but it's not working. I'm really tired and every time I dozz off.. I start gasping for air and have to sit up! Please anyone.. Am I the only one feeling this way?? I can't do this anymore.


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  • I have been there love I really have I do get those where I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like u can't breathe and then my heart starts beating so fast and it feels like it never gets better but it really does hopefully you have someone you can count on or call when your going through those moments mine is my mom she always seem to make me feel at least a little bit better but this site does help to because It makes you realize that you are not alone and you are not the only one that goes through this I promise I know it's hard and it seems like it's never going to get better but it does sweetie

  • Thank you so much! It really feels good that there's people out there going through what I'm going through and being able to share our experiences with each other.. I'm so glad I found this!

  • Your welcome and yea this site really does help a lot and I'm here for you as well as everyone else on here

  • I can remember doing all sorts of things to contain a panic attack from walking around the block, just sitting outside in the fresh air to cleaning a fridge at 5am . I used to call my daughter who understood how I felt and she was great.

    This site is the best as there are people on here who really understand how you feel. I did do deep breathing which helped and have since practiced meditation, not through an attack, but as an everyday calming thing.

    They are horrible things but like shorty said it does get better but it may take awhile.

    If you haven't already I suggest you see your GP. xx

  • Yes i have these to what my doctor told me to do is make humming noises like ohm ohm oohm it sooths the heart & calm you're panic attacks it works if you do it right & humming helps with your breathing to i know exactly what you're going through I've had anxiety since i was a teenager if you need to calm down I'll help you through it that's what this website is here for

  • Its actually OM. Practice daily. Try to take a deep breath everyday and and when you exhale say OM loudly ending with m as you are stopping.................. continue as long as you can. Its a very powerful mantra which can bring about lots of calmness and peace. you can also say OM at your own comfort pace when you have panic attacks. I am also in the same boat. Take care

  • Hi, Of course It's worse feeling! I have many experiences anxiety comes and away. Your brain disorder into physical and suffered attack when stress events life or worry something.

    Please don't worry and don't too thinking. Just do jogging and try relaxation. Few days will away I promise you.

    Good luck & God bless you

  • I'm so sorry :-( I too feel the same way and it stinks because it seems nobody understand and I feel so alone with what I'm going through! But thankfully I've found so many of us online that are experiencing this!! I find that yoga and breathing help, walking too. I take a deep breath, then I hold my second deep breath for 3 seconds and slowly let it out, then another deep breath, let it out... Tell yourself how you are feeling and that it will get better and also tell yourself that you are in control of your body and these symptoms must get better. It seems that we try to run from our anxiety rather than face it, so face it and know that you are so much stronger and better than anxiety! :-)

  • Hi I also have anxiety and I'm looking for people to talk about it with. Msg me

  • I'm experiencing anxiety as well. A lot of what you said is what I'm going thru. It's just so hard and I'm always thinking sow thing is wrong with my brain and that I'm dying. It's some scary shit man

  • I suffer too and find it very difficult to talk about. I try and put on my happy face but underneath I am struggling. Deep breathing and meditation does help but at times it can be difficult to focus. Its good to know we are all here for each other!

  • Panic attacks are the worst. I tried everything to stop mine but nothing worked. The only thing that worked for me was to let go of the fear of the attack. This is easier said than done but with time it gets better. I talk to my anxiety (the men in the white jackets will be coming soon....haha) and often say things like "oh go away i cant be bothered with you" when i feel my anxiety building. Once it has no control over you it gets easier. U need to make a break in that vicious circle.

  • I had this years ago when I was about 10 years old all through my forties and I am now 55 years and my son also delvoplqed it at 10 years old. I don't have panic like that anymore. It has taken on a different form . I know it can be hellish and scary too. Try not to give into it and try to get it in your head you are NOT gonna die. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT !! Tell yourself no one has ever died from a panic attack. The more you feed your fear the worse you are going to feel and than the fear intensifies and the panic gets uncontrollable. If you try not to be afraid and know you are not going to die and convince your mind you will not die or faint it will go away. Your anxiety is like a monster, the more you feed it the bigger it gets, and if you don't feed it the monster it starves and dies. If you want to go the medication route . That works too .

    All my best to you,

  • Thanks everyone!!! This is the best feeling have a lot of support

  • i get the same thing i worry over the same thing everyday and it makes me feel the same i was put on propranalol by the doc wich i was scared to take as it made my chest tight well i thought it did but it was just me panicing about them they do help they slow ur heart down take edge of things i still get like attacks but sometimes i can control them i do deep breathing listen to relaxing music and also booked in with a hypnotheropist apparntly they are ment to be really good im always tense can never relax but latley ive been doing my breathing and focusing on 1 thing tht makes me happy and i tell myself u can not die from a panic attack u are safe i no its hard to control them and i no it takes over ur life but u got to be the stronger 1 and control it i find this site helpfull because ppl with the same tight chest arm pain all the same as others help me as u anit alone and there are 1000s of ppl having these problems did they just start all of a sudden or has something set them of x

  • I have been prescribed Propanolol for anxiety attacks. It does not work on relaxing the mind for me,,,, but... It is wonderful for slowing down the heart racing and fight or flight feelings that panic attacks bring. Maybe it is just a suggestion that may be worth mentioning to your GP. They will of course not work for everyone as we are all different as I am sure you know. It is worth a try though. Here is hoping that you get some relief from these horrible attacks soon . Jane

  • Propanolol is a beta blocker, it's primary function is to treat high blood pressure and heart arythmia disorders. This drug is designed to slow down your heart so of course it's going to slow down your heart and take away flight or fight. This drug has nothing to do with anxiety what so ever. Your doctor should be sued for malpractice. Your anxiety and panic isn't stopping because you're taking heart/blood pressure medication.

  • Actually,, you are misinformed. As was I myself. Google anxiety and beta blockers and you will find the information there. Do not be so sure of yourself before doing so. I personally have been prescribed these meds for Gad. By the way. I am 64 years old. Have had anxiety for the better part of my years. I Have had valium, diazepam, every blooming antidepressant known to man. I would never recommend a medication to anyone. Ever. I did say however to suggest to your Gp as many people now actually swear by them. No one here knows best about medications for anyone else. However, what I have told you is fact. I am taking the things right now. Do they help??? Many seem to think so. Myself?? I am not so sure. There are many sites where hundreds if not thousands of people swear by them. I do not think I would get very far in suing my GP. Check out the information first.

    By the way. You are quite aggressive in your manner. I felt quite intimidated by you. I came to discuss anxiety along with the rest of you. I will not be returning . If your attutide is anything to go by. You all know everything anyway.

  • I was prescribed Propanolol, I have anxiety/Panic. I read reviews of this medication online and many people with anxiety swore by this medication, even said it changed their lives and was amazing!! Well, I disliked the medication as I had even more symptoms on it, felt more off balanced, woozy, nervous. What's good or great for some, isn't for everyone!

  • Also do not stop taking propanolol without your doctor's help, because you can have a heart attack or worse. Because propanolol primarily works on the heart muscle and blocks your body's natural adrenaline, the moment you stop taking it your heart will race like maddness. Once a person starts taking any beta blocker , they need medical help to stop taking it, because abruptly discontinuing the medication is life threatening. So many doctors make horrible mistakes. I'm sorry this happened to you. Please seek proper medical help.

  • Good morning hidden, I hope things are going well. I apologize if I came off aggressive? I certainly was nor trying to be. As far as the medication Propanolol , I rely on my education of medacine. Personally I do not use Google for medical resources. Google can helpful and its perfectly fine to use. Heart/ blood pressure medacine wasn't designed for anxiety or panic disorder. I Personally Find It unsafe To give A person with A healthy heart, Heart medication. That's just my informed opinion. However, if something is working for you, you have to do what's best for you. We all treat and manage our anxiety in different ways. I hope this advice meets you friendly.

    Best regards

  • Hello hun, I was just reading your post and you sounded soo much like me. The panic attacks I have been suffering my worst ones I have done exactly the same I have woken in the middle of the night heart pounding then my head goes and I have to keep checking my pulse to convince myself I wasn't dead or dying my poor mum is trying to calm me in the mean while and I lose control I sometimes scream too or hit my chest to get my heart going that's when I know the fear has taken over and it's awful :( so I totally understand huni you really are not alone if you ever need to chat I am here *hugs* Sarah

  • Okay so it sounds like you're dealing with sever anxiety and panic disorder. The only thing that will get rid of your symptoms is medication. There's no exercise or physical therapy on earth that will make your anxiety or panic disorder disappear. However it's manageable with medication. Find yourself a good psychiatrist who knows what they are doing. Also don't accept antidepressants to treat your panic and anxiety disorder. Old school medicines such as benzodiaspams can end your anxiety and panic disorder when prescribed at a therapeutic dose. Also doctor's get paid to shove antidepressants down people's throat. Remember it's your body ultimately you decide what's best for your body.

  • I did it with out Meds. And walking and riding my bike helped me through this. I had it bad.

  • JobE that's great. It sounds like your anxiety was circumstancial. There are several types of anxiety, and different levels of severity. Anxiety that is caused by a chemical or hormonal imbalance has to me medically managed. Sorry for not being more clear.

  • I am sorry for the feelings your having. I will say that I do understand and no one can understand unless they have been there. I will tell you a little about myself and maybe it can help you. I had my first panic attack when I was 26 a few days after my father passed away. It scared me so bad I keep having them some time 20 a day. I've been to every kind of Dr you can name, and nothing was working I truly thought I was going to die, I then went and started counseling I did that and seen my regular Dr like 5 times a week for 5 years. at the time My father passed away my first wife ask for a divorce and left me in the home we had bought and left me with my 2 year old daughter. I was so scared. well as time passed I learned a few things from the Dr and counseling and it took a lot of years to get back to when I could function on my own. well after about 10 years had passed I was doing good then I got married again and that went bad and I was left with a 5 year old son to raise on my own again. And again the anxiety and panic came. but I was better at dealing with it. Then between 2004 through 2011 I had a sister, my mother, my step father, 5 of my best friends, then I had a sister and her daughter murderer on September 11th 2010 you can read about that one on google Type in 6 killed September 11th 2010 in Jackson Kentucky Well and at the same time this was going on I lost my home after all the years owning it 20 years by the way. Well the panic and Anxiety returned even wore then before. I felt every minute of the day that it was going to be my turn to die any minute. I had to walk and ride my bike all most all day and I would wake up in the middle of the night sweating and in a panic like I was dying and I did know what to do. Everyday I would right things down so if I died it would help my kids in life. So yes I do understand. But I want to assure you you will live through this it is pain that will make you strong and help you learn to better deal with life. I also understand you wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone because I felt the same way. I am doing good now so I know you will get better. Keep busy, walk a lot, go to the gym anything but keep busy. visit your Dr as often as you have to that's what they are there for is to help you. I hope that these things will help you but I know for sure you will make it through this. you can message me anytime for talks

  • JobE that's great. It sounds like your anxiety was circumstancial. There are several types of anxiety, and different levels of severity. Anxiety that is caused by a chemical or hormonal imbalance has to me medically managed. Sorry for not being more clear.

  • I think I'm going to set up a doctor's appointment right away. Or a counselor. I don't know. I wish I never had this problem! You guys really helped me out alot.. I feel better with people that can relate to what I'm going through.

  • You're certainly not the only person feeling like this.

    Do you live in the uk? If so, Get an appointment with you doctor as soon as you can and they can help you out with support, and if necessary medication as well as referring you to services for counselling etc too.

    There are also many charities that can offer support and advice too, if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, there will usually always be someone here, or a lot of helplines open 24/7 too.

    If you ever feel unsafe, you can also contact emergency services too.

    Sunny x

  • Hi jsios, I have been suffering with anxiety and depression work related stress since September.

    I can really understand what your going through.

    I was on citalopram up to 30 mg which did not help at all. I still had the same symptoms. Then my GP advise me to take sertraline 50mg. At the moment that is not helping either. It's not easy at all. I would not wish it on my enemy. I find it so difficult to deal with it. I was also advised to go to CBT which I don't think it's helping me at all.

    I hate going to CBT just hoping that it will help at the end. I am sick and tired of what's happening to me I feel I can't cope with it. I wish and pray I will get my own health back and smiling back. This work place has drained me Physically mentally.

    I hope you start feeling better and hoping that you will recover as soon as possible.

    Lots of love and warm hugs. xx

  • My "attacks" are similar in that they last so long and I fear similar...they are awful. Mine usually start with a numbness that runs through my body, my heart wont race until right before it peaks. It doesn't matter how many times I have been through it before, when they are severe I always believe something bad will happen. The feelings are hard to describe. I'm sorry your going through this. The only thing I find slightly helps is when I feel it coming on I will start walking or exercising to try to get rid of the adrenaline.

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