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What to concentrate on first????

Hi All, this is my first time on here and feeling like i can't really talk to anyone else as i feel i have exhausted all friend/family etc. I have been suffering with depression/anxiety and panic attacks now for around 2 -3 years being prescribed citalopram about 18 months ago. I have had CBT but at the time of the course i was at the height of my panic attacks therefore struggled to calm my self down long enough to work through what i had been given. I have since had a course of counselling that worked wonders finishing about 4-5 months ago at that time i was the most positive i had been i felt in years. I came away with that with some booklets to work through that covered anxiety, low self esteem, confidence, assertivness and dealing with stress. i have good days touch wood mostly but the bad days do seem to creep back in. I'll be honest i have picked up the booklets now and again but have never really practiced what they preach for too long as when i'm feeling good they tend to fall by the wayside and then when i'm having bads days i feel overwhelmed with what to takle first!! Does anyone else feel like they can't think straight at times, i'm starting to think that these bad days are due to stress and that i bottle things up and then it usually erupts in tears. Any ideas where i can go forward now??

Thanks x

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Hi bunny and welcome,

There are loads of us on here going through the same as you so you are in good company. I've only been suffering since January. Never thought I'd get like this but hey ho lol. CBT is not working for me as I can't do the homework due to stressing out and panic attacks. I'm seeing a psych soon so hopefully that will reap some benefits.

My brain is all over the place some days but I'm learning to deal with it. I just go with the flow, I find it hard to focus on one thing at a time which drives my OH potty :-)

If I were you I'd talk to your GP, tell him how you feel and take it from there. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I'm sure someone on here will be.

Take care and keep chatting, love Cookie xxx


thanks for your comment cookie, ive gotr to renew my meds soon so think i'm going to keep a diary from now till then of how i'm feeling daily and if the majority are not so good days maybe up my meds slightly, but if the majority are good then that will be a good boost!! Hope all goes well with the psych, for me it was a real turning point and made me feel really good as like you i was also driving my OH round the bend to the point were he would text me and say something like he was going to be approx 11 mins late and to not worry he wasn't going to dump me LOL (this was what i was anxious about most of the time), it did take the edge off though as it would make me laugh!

Keep chatting too, Bunnyhop x


Hi Bunny,

Welocme in.

You ask what to concentrate on first.

Well if your anything like me, I want it all solved right now this minute. and thats not going to happen.

So firstly I would say is be prepared for a gradual awakening :-)

Be kind to yourself and lower your expectations.

Its better to do just one simple thing and get it right first.

I'm guessing you have been given some idea on what to start with, but if not;

write down all the things your struggling with, then ask yourself which one would be the easiest to start with, and dont be hard on yourself either, and say, well i'll do the bloody lot.

Start from the foundations, get them strong then you can build your house in a way that it will be sure to last.

Wish you well




Hi Baylien,

I am just like that i want things done yesterday with every aspect of my life putting more pressure on myself all the time. i have though about what you said and have decided to concentrate on assertiveness. i think this is the main area that has a knock on affect with other things in my life. i don't speak out and tell people (my bf mainly) about things that are upsetting me, worrying me and making me frustrated i let things build up andf thens when i feel really low and the anxiety starts to set in. i think if i do work on trying to be more assertinve this will also build my self confidence and low self esteem. Thanks so much for the advice, i'll keep you posted xx


Hi Bunny,

Sometimes I find being assertive can translate to being controlling :-)

We have to take responsibility for our own weaknesses, and learn to trust ourselves, and our partners.

I'm male and was stuck in the house, and my mrs would get all dressed up like a dogs dinner, lol, and go out with her mum, and I had to relearn how to trust again. Its difficult, but much better than the alternative of sitting at home, worrying about what if's all the time.

Discussing everything is important with a partner, and we must be totally truthfull too. Its just one more thing we dont have to worry about.

I started with lowering my expectations of others and especially myself. Being kind and understanding that we cant get everything done at once, and thats ok. Slowing down, taking a break, and I tried a mantra saying " I am a worthy person, I am able to love and be loved " for 60 days, many times a day, it helped to as I had a low opinion of myself.

Wishing you well




has anyone out there got anxiety due to tinnitus would love to hear from you

any tipps xx dunlin


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