Finally going to give in, but I'm scared😩

So I've been battling TERRIBLE anxiety and depression ever since my PTSD was triggered over a year ago.. I've always suffered with anxiety and depression, but I could always manage it on my own without medication. I've been trying so hard to manage without medication this past year, but it's only getting worse. I had to stop working, I can't even leave the house. I'm making myself sick by staying in bed all day everyday and I feel mind NEVER stops racing.. It seems like medicine is going to be the only thing to help me over this bump. My OCD and paranoia along with my anger issues are all getting much worse so I think it's time to try medicine. The issue is that I don't like the idea of medicine messing with my mind and potentially making things worse or doing bad things to my organs and body. I really wish I could manage my mental health issues on my own, but it seems that's not possible☹️ so I think I'm going to give in and try to start my meds tonight. Can someone give me some positivity and helpful words of encouragement or advice because getting myself to take them is going to be really hard😞


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25 Replies

  • Hi darling, what meds have you been prescribed. You are not alone xxx

  • Fluoxetine (Prozac) and guanfacine(has other names but it's basically a non stimulating ADHD medicine so it works well for racing thoughts and not reacting so quickly I do have ADD so it helps with that) I've been on these before about 2 or 3 years ago and they were the only meds that actually worked for me(I've been on medicine ever since I was 5 years old and have tried so many) but the last time I was on these, my mental health wasn't this bad and I wasn't terrified of taking medicine so idk if it'll work the same, but I want to try these again because they worked in the past and I already know how they affect my body in terms of side effects.

  • Hey hun, how are you feeling now! Sometimes we have to take medicine in order to get better! I'm trying to manage my GAD on my own right now and it is hard! I'm looking into natural supplements such as gaba! Gaba is a natural calming supplement that helps with anxiety/depression! For now it's working for me! Gaba can't be taken with any antidepressant because of serious side effects!!

  • I've tried lots of natural alternatives, by sadly the type of anxiety I have where it's constant racing thoughts, those type of calming things don't help. They help in the moment if I start to have an anxiety attack, but it doesn't stop the thoughts. Medicines that reverse and stop the thoughts seems to be my only option. I just made myself take my medicine so we'll see how it goes😩

  • Okay love, I know medicines are sometimes what we must take to get seems like it's a never ending road....I've had GAD since 16, I'm 33 now and it has gotten worse since I had my daughter....I'm just learning to cope with's hard to do! I'm staying positive! We will get through this!!!

  • Yes! It's awful! I've been dealing with i since I was 10 and I'm now almost 21. It's mental torture, but I know I will get through this and so will you. We are so strong dealing with this and moving forward with our lives despite what's going on in our mind that's beyond our control most of the time. Good luck getting through this rough patch!!😊

  • I have taken fluoxetine over the years darling & it works! You will soon feel relief from it & get your life back.

    Calmest of wishes sent your way & im here if you need me xxx

  • Thank you Ffaiers!!

  • I wish you well too! ☺

  • It's fine to get on meds. Many of us simply need them. Relief from treatment is coming to you. Rest up and let the meds work. You're going to be OK. Covering you in prayers and peace.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Alloooo. Meds can be very beneficial in that they bring you some relief and rest. They alsi can get you to a place where you can make positive changes that may mean you can live without them in the future. The choice will always be yours so if you only want to take them for six months then thats ok. Ive been on meds for over twenty years but now have new skills which mean I can start reducing my meds. Dont be afraid of a leg up poppet. Ive been on mine through choice. All the best 😀

  • Thank you!!

  • I used to hate the idea of taking medications as well. I try to manage day to day without them. I have GAD and panic disorder, have also been dealing with PTSD symptoms from being robbed at gunpoint. I had a terrible panic last year, kept waking up with chills, couldn't sleep, didn't feel right...went to the ER, they said it was my anxiety :/ The ER gave me a heavy dose of Xanax, I went home and finally slept. They gave me a few extra pills until I talked with my doctor. In all honesty, the medication really took the edge off my panic and anxiety. I am currently taking Klonopin on an "as needed" basis, and just knowing that I have it if I need it helps. It really does calm me down, makes the anxiety and panic less intense. I've been on daily meds like citalopram and buspirone, but they are meds that need to build up in your system and aren't always an immediate relief. I should probably go back on a daily med, but so far, for now, the Klonopin I have on deck if needed has been working. Best of luck to you!

  • I am prescribed klonopin as well and do take it as needed but it only works for me if I start to panic which is usually only when im trying to sleep or if I go somewhere with a lot of people so the kpins help to calm me down and put me to sleep if I'm trying to, but benzodiazepines are sooo dangerous so I don't take it unless I absolutely need it. But it helps to know that I have them if I need them! I have more of like extreme everyday anxiety where I feel pretty calm but subconsciously my thoughts are racing and I'm not calm, so I need a more everyday medicine that can help stop the thoughts and the underlying anxiety that I cant even tell is happening because it portrays itself in weird ways.. if that makes any sense😂 But thank you I appreciate it! Best of luck to you as well!😊

  • Don't be afraid of the medication! It may seem like a weakness, but it's gonna help you recover your breath and stop drowning long enough to start seeking out other alternatives, other coping mechanisms. You can't think about going on walks and exercising or seeking out support groups or whatnot if you can't even face getting out of bed. Allow yourself this help, see it as you taking care of yourself, loving yourself.


  • Thank you!

  • I did the same thing.....fought my doctor's suggestions to start Prozac for years but when my life became unmanageable and I was no longer able to work or care for my kids properly, I "gave in". He convinced me that the source of my anxiety and panic attacks were a chemical imbalance (neurotransmitters?) and that treating it with medication was no different than a diabetic taking insulin. The medication gave me my life back, and I'm STILL on them, 25 years later. I wouldn't give them up for the world. But please be forewarned: the side affects for the first 6-8 weeks made my anxiety even worse but the doctor warned me of that and encouraged me to "hang in there" because it WOULD get better. When it kicked in, I got my life back! Good luck!


  • SueAndHerZoo, I'm happy for you that you got your life back (whatever it takes) It sounds like you had a good doctor who cared about you as well as explained the importance of taking your medication because of a chemical imbalance. Sounds like you had the support and encouragement you needed at that time. But always know it took YOU to take that first step and take the medication prescribed. Life is Good x

  • That's awesome that they worked so well for you!! And thank you! I'm on day two and not doing too bad so far so we will see😊

  • Clw1216, it is more than time for you to take that step and try medication. When our quality of life is taken over by anxiety, we have two choices. Either stay stuck in a miserable unfulfilling life where our world gets smaller and smaller OR take that leap of faith and start medication that may prove to be the turning point in your life.

    Taking medication is a fine tuning process of helping balance your brain. Once the right medication and dose are found for you, it can open up the doors to a new beginning. During that time on medication, therapy as well as finding other methods to enhance the meds are recommended. I wish you well, I wish you courage, I wish you success. x

  • Thank you so much!!

  • Hello, how are you feeling

  • Im on day two and I'm a tiny bit jittery and a little more anxious, but I'm not doing too bad😊 Just have to keep pushing forward and keep taking them if I ever want to feel better and get my life back💪

  • That's great!!! Things will get better soon!! 😊

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