Can someone help me please

I have suffered panic attacks in the past they come and go and i have managed. But recently i have been off work with Vertigo and now getting panic attacks and anxiety. I dread getting up and when i walk around feel the sensation that i am going to fall as my legs are like jelly. I am getting so scared as i have been off work and due to go back next week but the fear of travelling and coming over bad is making me more anxious. I mentioned these symptoms to the Doctor who said i need to get back into some routine like going out etc., Easy said than done when you constantly feel in a panic mode. I feel safe at home but i know that is not the answer. Hope someone can shed some light on this problem. Thank you


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  • Hi seyi

    About 15 years ago I woke up one morning &

    my head was spinning , stuggled to get out of bed & if I bent down or reached up , I thought i was going to fall over , my goodness was i afraid ...yes ...was told it was virtigo went on for years , is a lot better now , but do still get it from time to time & especially after a cold ..when I have it as well i feel I am walking one way but my body is going another way , I think as well thats how it must look & people will think I am drunk as I feel like I am swaying , but thats just the feeling as people have reassured me I am walking straight

    It will trigger anxiety as it is a frightening thing , you have to remember though its not life threatening , thats the good thing

    To be honest i agree you have to get on with your life , but if you are still suffering from virtigo I wouldnt have thought you were fit for work yet , i no I wouldnt be able to go

    If you are feeling better then take it a step at a time if you still have virtigo I would go back & see GP & ask how you are suppose to go to work with virtigo , as if they no anything about it , they would no you wouldnt be able to & ask for more help

    Let us no how you go on




    Your confidence will start to come back , it takes a while , come on here people understand

  • Thank you so much for the message really appreciate your time and explanation on my problem. I am so glad i found this site as i can talk and relate to other peoples problems they are having and not feel like an isolated case

    Thank you again

    Seyi xxx

  • Thinking about you hun , keep talking , you are not isolated on here ;)

    Dont forget let us no how you go on

    Good Luck




  • Hi whywhy,

    I went back to the Doctors today and explained how i still felt dizzy as if i was going to fall over and that my legs felt like jelly. She was very understanding although she is not the regular Doctor at my clinic. She has changed my medication and said it should help with panic and anxiety attacks as well as the Vertigo.

    I explained i cannot return to work feeling like this as i have to get on public transport and the thought just scares me to death.

    She has told me to take more time off work but i know the place i work will not be impressed as the certificate covered me until this Friday. The doctor said to do 5 day self certification and if they need to discuss anything she will be happy to talk with them. After that i would need a certificate to say i am unfit to work. I am so glad i found this group because it helps to know you can talk with people who are suffering the same.

    Thanks very much for your help and listening to me rant and rave on about myself.

    Thank you kindly once again

    Love Seyi x

  • Thats good news , remember you cant help been unwell , so do as she says & tell them what she said if they want more proof , you have to put your health first & dont feel gulity ....while you are of , try short walks , a trip to shop , just to try & build your confidence , so when you do have to go back to work you will be prepared

    We are all here to have our rants & listen to others have one we all do it & support each other

    Keep using the site , it can be such a help




  • did he give you anything for the vertigo?

    as for doing things and going out, set yourself small goals,

    a short journey perhaps,

    a 10 minute walk [5 mins there, 5 back]

    pop into the shop for 1 or 2 items.

    if you have a bug or a virus, you can feel wobbly and unsteady,

    your strength and confidence will come back.

    you say you've had panic attacks before and managed, that's a difficult thing to achieve, but you did it be proud of that! :)

    you will manage again if you need to.

    let us know how you are,



  • Thank you Sandra i will try and take baby steps to regain all the confidence i once had. Thanks for your reply

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hi Seyi

    I can relate to what you are saying. A lot of the time I feel completely discoordinated and out of balance and often wobble on my legs, sometimes the jelly legs is worse than at other times. I know how scary this is, as it feels like reality is not the same as it used to be and that your head feels like it is disconnected if that makes sense, I am desperate to get back to work but know that I couldnt cope with work the way Im feeling. For the last 2 months I have been unable to go out the house alone and I am a grown man. Just recently I have started taking small walks on my own and Im trying to do this to give myself a chance to rebuild my confidence to be alone. Only last week it was the first time I was able to stay home on my own, so it is a bit of a slow process but the short walks alone are helping. Are you getting any therapy because if you are not I would recommend it as I am finding it helpful. I wish you all the best. Feel free to send me a message if you feel you need support I know what you are going through and it is a horrible thing but there is help and support out there.

    All the best


  • Thanks Dimitiri

    all what you have experienced i have felt the same way its horrible to think something like this can control your life. I am going back to the Doctors this week and explain i cannot go back work feeling like this. I have to travel on the bus and the thought of it is scary and i know i need to be mentally strong but i know i am not ready. The Doctor has no idea how i am feeling and said i would be better back at work. I am having someone visit me on Monday evening who works in this field i am just hoping she maybe able to steer me towards recovery.

    Thanks again for you time and sharing what i know is the worse feeling in the world

    I wish you all the best and hope we can keep in touch

    Take care

    Seyi xxx

  • Hi Seyi

    It is awful that it effectively robs you of your life.

    I think you should also let your doctor know how you are feeling as well. They may be able to point you towards therapy too. If you have a good doctor they are normally quite undrstanding about mental conditions too and have a duty of care to ensure you get the correct treatment for your condition whether it is mental or physical. The reason I say this is because I left it so long before I told anyone until I had a complete mental breakdown at first they offered me anti depressants but I didnt take them because I was worried about the side effects so they then arrange some CBT for me. It does help and i am getting along without the anti depressants. I beleive if I had gone to my doctor sooner and told them I had difficulty coping I may have got the help at a time when I would of better been able to deal with work etc, so the earlier you tell someone the better if that makes sense.

    Anyway good luck with your appointment on monday and it really is worth letting the doctor know what you are going through too.

    Keep in touch


  • Hi Dimitri

    I made an appointment to see the Doctor today and she was very understanding on how i was feeling. She has changed the medication for the Vertigo and said it should help with the panic and anxiety. She mentioned this can be very scary and understood my fear of travelling and going out. I said there is no way i could possibly go back to work feeling this way. She told me to take more time off which i intend to do but know the school i work for will not be happy. A friend of mine work in mental health and said she would help me with some therapy and if that did not work she would find alternative help for me so that is a positive thought.

    Just wish i could get back on track and your right when you say this can rob you of your life.

    Thank you for your help

    Best regards

    Seyi x

  • Hi Seyi

    Well done for letting doctor know. I hope the meds do the job you need them to do and stop the vertigo and panic. Unfortunately your employer may not be happy but if your doctor has told you that you need time of they wont be happy but you are within your rights so I wouldnt let that worry you. You need time and space to rebuild your strength and confidence. Im glad your friend is helping you with therapy. You will get back on track so stay focussed on that.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Dimitri will let you know how it goes with this therapy .

    Best wishes

    Seyi x

  • Hi Dimitri

    Hope all is well with you I had the person around this evening who is going to help with therapy. After a long chat she is going to work on a plan with me that should help me. It will be tiny steps at first but at least its a positive move. Will keep you informed.

    Best wishes and thanks for your listening ear it does help when you know unfortunately other people can recognize what your going through.

    Seyi x

  • Hey Seyi

    That is good news. I can hear a bit more of a positive tone in your voice. Dont put pressure on yourself even though things can seem very frustrating at times.... tiny steps is good, you can only work at the pace that is right for you. Good luck with it. You can message me anytime you like.

    Dimitri x

  • hi dimitry its great knowing im not alone ive got severer anxiouty , im always on edge and i get a lot of woozy heads due to this ive also got virtigo/migraine, and get funny heads due to this too ;( if it isnt 1 its the other it makes me feel very disorentatined too ive had this 4 nearly 6yrs in june & its totaly ruined my life ;( im prone to feeling very panicky too . i do work but dont no how i do it i also ave a little doggie & have to take her out but this condition as made my life hell luckily i havnt always got it but the min i get stressed its there again ;( which is a lot i keep saying im going to the dr but havnt much faith in them . ive been to the hospital had lots of tests mri balancing tests other tests they give me tabs but they seem to make me worse ;( so i no how ur feeling hun ;( donna .;)

  • Hi Donna

    I guess we just to to try and stay foccused on getting our lives back on track. Others on here have done it. My condition is improving although it is very slow. So there is hope for us yet

    Best wishes to you


  • Good luck to you, take it a day at a time.....good to get some support from GP and therapist. Its a good move,,,,,,,,therapy can really help....... sometimes GP suggests a phased return to work eg part time hours at first, to help the employee.......Best wishes......


  • Thanks Louisa

    I am taking it a day at a time and not stress about returning to work until i feel confident about the situation. I have been to the local shops twice today and felt an achievement . Thank you for your message nice to know people take the time to talk and encourage people.

    Best wishes

    Seyi x

  • I'm surprised at how many other people have vertigo problems and anxiety. Although I guess I shouldn't because it's a terrifying feeling. I have it as well and I keep losing jobs due to it. May I ask what medication helped your vertigo? I don't have health insurance right now but I may go to the doctor if I have a specific idea of may help because I hate this feeling....Just know you're absolutely not alone and I don't blame you a bit for not feeling ready to go back to work.

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