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What steps to take in the UK to get treatment for Panic Attacks


I suffered with Panic Attacks about 4 years ago and have had a period of a few years where they have not been a problem. In that period of a few years i have since moved from the States to the UK.

Recently my panic attacks have started again.

The Health care system here is a bit confusing to me. I've been to see my GP on a number of occasions for different related problems and have felt like i have hit a brick wall trying to get any treatment. The idea and stress of going back to Surgery is causing more panic attacks.

Does anyone have any advice on how to begin getting treatment? and if there is any way of doing so without having to see my GP first. I know what medication i was previously on but can not imagine that my GP would just automatically prescribe me with this medication straight away.

I would really appreciate it if any one has any advice on how i can begin to get this back under control.

Thank you.

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Go back again , see another GP in the surgery if you feel the one you have been seeing is not listening

The only way i no is through seeing your GP , but if one is not listening you have every right to see a different one , lots have had this problem if you look through the blogs , so you are not alone

I have just swapped my GP , still in same surgery , just seeing a different GP as I thought the one I was seeing wasnt listening

Its a pain I no , especially when you are already feeling down , but dont give up

In the meantime , there is lots of support on this site & people will always be here to support you

Welcome to the UK , its not all bad lol



thank you so much :)


We are all here to listen , help etc effracute

Let us no how you go on

Mean while keep posting , it helps just getting things of your chest , dont give up , go to each GP in the surgery if you have to , one will listen !



I think the thing that worries me the most is that i've got a partner that has not experienced anything like this and i'm scared i'm going to scare him away. I met him in period when i've been really stable and we've been together for a long while now.

Along with the panic attacks I have been hysterical crying. i'm scared that it will just take forever to see anyone beyond my GP and i get hysterical because i know that if i can get to my previous medication it can really curtail things.

Do you know how long it can take to to get prescribed any medication?

we are both strong together but i can tell he is nervous and is trying to understand, but i think he is scared...I don't want to lose him.


Try not to worry about your partner , you say you have been together a while now

If he looks worried , that is maybe because he loves you & doesnt no what to do for you , try & sit him down & explain the best you can , what is happening at the moment , they may not fully understand how you are feeling , but at least they no what is happening

I have been married for 20 years & my hubby has gone through all sorts with me & I was in alot better place when I met him than I am now , like you I was in the best place I had been for years , but he loves me (well i think he does ) & when someone does , believe it or not , they dont run away

He supports me the best he can , still loves me , accepts me as i am , because thats what people do when they love you , but I do explain everything to him , I keep nothing away from him , I no that helps us both & to get him to fully understand , I am not sure that will ever happen , but thats when sites like this are so important , as here people do understand

Go back to GP , sit your partner down & have a good chat , I am sure you will feel better once you have , I always do !



Hi, I would also suggest going back and seeing a different gp. I got forwarded to a councillor who assessed me and passed my case to a community mental health team. You can get help, you sound like you really want it. I hope the gp listens to you and you can get some help, it is available x


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