What a day!

What a day!

Ok so started the day off with mood swings (pmt) my eldest stopped at his mates last nite, hes 11 and high school this yr so ive started letting him have abit of freedom. The park is at the back of our house, so he was over there on his scooter with his mates. Was fine about it as i bbm in to make sure hes ok. I had my afternoon sorted was going to have a bath and then watch a film with the youngest. I just got in the bath and heard the door go and the eldest screaming in full on panic. Got out he said ive broke my wrist, so spent the afternoon in ane with him. I cudnt believe how full of panic he was, i spent a while trying to carm him down untill my sister came to take us. I never got stressed or anxious over it, proberly cuz i knew wat he had done. I dont know if me pic will show up as im on fone but im going to try and post a pic of my boys. Will have to let me know xxx


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5 Replies

  • omg donaf how is he bless him my son who is 11 to once fell head 1st out of a tree and split his head got to hospital and i passed out he was so brave you did so well hun thanks for my blog babe am really off today hoping tmw gona be better i hate feeling dizzy and as if i cant breath prop xxx

  • u will get there, even thou i still have days like that. If u wanna chat im here like evrtybody else. I wudda passed out to lol im alrite with broken bones but blood and that noo xxx

  • Hope he is calmer now bless him , I no it doesnt help but you are doing right letting him out & about , these things happen , especially with boys , they always seem to be in the wars , I can see the pic you have 2 wonderful sons

    Well done you as well for dealing with a stressful situation , have that nice bath now you dereve it




  • i know me to luv i am glad he is ok bless him they make us look like wusses and hopefully hate feeling like this i really do thanks hun xxx

  • I read the heading of your blog about him being at the park and when I went to read your blog I first thing I see is the photo,OMG,how brave you have been(and your son) it lets you know you ARE strong and CAN cope when something like this comes along,to have strength when you need it ,we'll done,proud of you

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