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panic attacks are ruining my life!

Hi im 17 and ive been suffering with panic attacks for a year and a half! I dont go out to visit my friends anymore , i dont take my little brother and sister to the park or out on little day trips anymore its literally controlling my life! I dont go to the shops incase i have one in a store. Ive even stopped visiting my dad at his house which is causing problems between us as now he wonders what hes doing wrong and why i dont visit him. I just dont see a way out anymore and things are getting worse instead of better. I cant talk to my family because they wont understand. I stopped working due to it aswell. Has anyone got an advice on what

i can do to turn my life around. And advise will be much apreciated.

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Hi there. Sorry to hear that you're feeling so unwell. You're amongst friends and although it may not be any consilation a lot of us on this forum feel or have felt like you do. If you don't feel that your family will understand then I really think you should arrange a visit to your doctor. He or she can offer you all sorts of advice and support to help you through this difficult time, and it's all in confidence. The last thing you should do is battle this on your own and keep your feelings inside. It does sound like you need some help to control your anxiety so I really would advise making that appointment ASAP. There are also a lot of good self help books out there which I personally have a library of. You can order online if you're struggling to get out. Like I said though make an appointment with your doctor, be 100% honest about how you feel, and address this now. You will get through this!!! Panic attacks don't have to rule your life. Good luck.


Hi, hun, so so sorry you're suffering like this! First of all - go to see your doctor!!! Panic attacks are horrible, frightening and all the rest, but you can be helped through them - by tablets, counselling, and other techniques like breathing exercises. You DO NOT have to go through this alone, hun, honest you don't.

I know you say your family won't understand - but have you given them the chance? People can surprise us! Years ago, I was working for the probation service, my mum was ill - i hadn't really talked about it at work - but there were 2 secretaries who i got on with okay workwise but would never have thought of confiding in. Well, one day, in the ladies' loo, I had a melt-down and burst into tears :'( One of the secretaries found me - suddenly, one of them was giving me a valium, another was making me hot sweet tea, and one of the probation officers dragged me into her office, sat me down, and said basically "Rose, talk to me - what's wrong?" So, like I say, people can surprise you!

TELL your dad why you can't visit - I'm sure any father would want to know that his daughter's suffering, rather than that she just doesn't want to see him! If you don't know how to explain, run something off the internet - this isn't maybe the best but it's just what I've found by a quick search:-


Just run that off, and give it to your dad - and maybe your other family members. If they still don't understand - and yes, some people do find Mental Health problems difficult - at least you've done your best, but they may surprise you! BUT - SEE YOUR GP, hun - and yes, I am shouting! You're young, you shouldn't have to go through this alone!

Keep posting, pet, lots of support/advice on here from some lovely people who've been through the same thing and DO understand.

Lots of love and a big hug!




Ive tried to tell my mum but i can tell she doesnt believe me. I really want to see my gp but im scared i have a panic attack while at the surgery. Ive just slowly started to give up because ive spent so much energy on trying to get better im exhausted phychologically and physically! Im sick of being scared and im scared to tell my dad because i dont want him to see me as a failure. This early in my life and ive got problems. I only got back in touch with him 2 years ago and i dont want him to regret he ever got back in contact. Thank you rose! Its good to know someone understands :-) xxxx


I would highly recommend going to a GP, I suffer from panic attacks and have been referred for a self help method, has helped me leaps and bounds I now go out walking and will go to the shops, I told my family and they were amazingly more supportive than expected. Found out my dad also gets small panic attacks which was helpful having someone who knows what I'm going through. I have a panic attack everytime I go to a GP as I think 'they'll think i'm nuts' or they might find something bad wrong with me and it's not a panic attack.' The best thing to do is bite the bullet and go, with mine the worst feeling is thinking you'll pass out, but What's the worst that can happen? you hit the deck!


Oh, honey, everyone on here understand!!! We've all been there, got the T-shirt (didn't like it!) - we all know!! And - if you're going to have a panic attack, surely the GPs surgery is the best place to have one - at least they'll know what they're like for you, and they'll be plenty of support to help you through it! So SEE YOUR DOCTOR - sorry, I'm such a nagger, but only for other people's good ;)

In the meantime, you could try some relaxation exercises - there are some great ones on here:-


As for your dad thinking you're a "failure" - why should he? Loads of people suffer from panic attacks or other MH problems!! You know Stephen Fry, the actor? He's bi-polar and is quite up-front about it - no-one see HIM as a failure! A few years ago, he was due to appear in a London play, and he did a runner to the continent - just disappeared! But he's back, and still as successful as ever! Failure? No way!!! People who suffer MH problems are some of the bravest people in the world! You're much too young to remember Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the dancing stars of the 40s ? - but Ginger Rogers once said that she did everything Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels! That's what people with MH problems do - we do our best to do everything other people do, but with a huge disadvantage - and that's courage!

Do try to tell your Dad, my love. If you say you've only just got back in touch, do you want him to think you regret it? Of course not!

But please, please, please, see your doctor. We can support, advise, and love you on here, but only your doctor can offer the professional help you need and deserve. You're MUCH too young to let this ruin any more of your life, pet!

More big hugs and lots of love

Rose (almost ex panic attack sufferer!)



Just made an appointment with my gp for thursday :-) I will keep you posted on what happens. Thank you rose, im going to take your advise and try sort things out and hopefully one day ill get there! Hope you get there too :-) Hugs and lots of love to you too :-) xxxxx


Aww, hun, WELL DONE!!!!! :-D Huge pat on the back!!!! It's the first step, my love, on your journey to good health!

DO let us know how you get on - we're all here rooting for you! :)

Lots more love





well done !

Keep posting in the meantime , if you need supposrt till Thursday & look forward to hearing how you got on

whywhy xxx



Hi kt123

Bless you

OK maybe you feel your mum doesnt believe you , but maybe she doesnt understand or even finds it to hard to accept , i have suffered from a young age & am 50 now with 3 grown up children , had I not suffered myself , may be I might not have been so open minded or would have found it difficult to accept , but I am sure she loves you & cares , just doesnt no how to handle it , may be she feels if she brushes it of , it will go away , sometimes parents can find it hard to deal with things & can have that reaction

Your Dad may be a bit more understanding , dads react differently to Mums , , I am sure no matter what he will never regret you getting in touch , you feel low so this will make you think these negative things

As for a faliure , that is what you certainly are not !!! please never think that of yourself , you are far from it & if one of my children had a problem of any kind , I would be proud that they were facing up to it & trying to get help

Now , please go & see your GP , I no it will be hard & you may worry but ,you are going with panic attacks , so if you are going to have one , what better place than in the surgery ,

I have had them in the surgery before , no one looks at you as they are there with their own problems , & dont care what others are there for & at least the GP gets to see how you are when having one , but this is a fear & possibly wont even happen , but if it does remember thats what you have gone for

Rose is right , print this of , if you cant feel you can talk , pass it over , they have heard & seen it all before

You have all your life ahead of you & there is lots of help now as so many suffer , I urge you to go for it & get the help you so deserve & get well

You have found this site & everyone on here knows just how you feel , we are behind you all the way & we DO understand

I do hope you will see your GP , I have faith in you

whywhy xxx


Well said, Whywhy! :) xxxxxxxx


Thank you whywhy! Im going to go to my dads next time and im going to sit down and talk to him about it. At least if he knows the reason why i havent been visiting him then it will put him at ease so he knows it wasnt because of him. Thank you for your advise i really appreciate it :-) xxxxxx


I would do just that kt123 , sit your dad down & tell him , as a parent that is what I would want , he may suprise you & be a huge support , but even if he doesnt understand dont feel rejected , like i said had I not suffered I dont no how I would react , but I do no you never stop loving you kids no matter what !

Already since posting , look what you have done , made an appointment with GP & going to have a chat with your GP , how well have you done HOORAY !!!

No need for thanks sweetheart , we are all here for the same reason & to support each other & I am sure you will be a big help to others along the way :-)

Chat whenever you feel like you want to

In my thoughts & looking forward to your updates

whywhy xxx


*going to have i chat with your dad i should have said whoops lol *


Well done !!!!! :) Keep talking ...it helps loads : )


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