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Having a bad day, support needed (have A+D and on citalopram)

Ok so ive been on Citalopram 20mg for 6 weeks today for Anxiety and depression, i've come a long way over the weeks and im nothing how i was but i'm having a bad day, ive had a cold the past days but yesterday i got a letter from work as im off on sick and i started to have blurred vision and that horrible head feeling (like something heavy is resting on it) and stressed, today i dont feel great either, tried a walk, mindfulness a mini nap as so exhausted and feel feel so heavy when i walk, anxiety is there again and my ive had a nervous tummy. Any advice? Ive has a lot more good days then bad days the past few weeks so its kinda scaring me i might be going backwards. I started zolpclan low dose sleeping pills 5 days agi not sure if this is anything todo with it, havnt slept much in 3 months since i became ill.

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Hi angelfaced x not being well and a letter from work would be enough to send anyone into a spin. You are not going backwards just see it as a roundabout, you go round and round not backwards. I'm off sick too and had a letter which made me feel sick and dizzy and I had a horrible couple of days. How about a warm soak in the bath and focus on breathing. You said you are having good days so keep going you are doing great take care love eve x


Dear Angelfaced,

I am sorry to read that you are having a bad day.

The only thing that comes to mind is breathing exercises, focussing on the air going into the lower parts of the lungs through focussing partly on the movement of the abdominal(outwards) when breathing in. The ratio between the in and out breath is also very important May i suggest you look this up before doing it or get professional advice.

A message to a blogger sent by babushka, a volunteer working for anxiety uk, a week or two ago, comes to mind in which she describes a breathing exercise.

a big hug,



Dear Angelfaced,

I am sorry the reply that babushka sent was about mindfullness, I was mistaken.

big hugs

Marcus xxx


Hi Angelfaced.

sorry to hear you're having some bad days. I would say don't worry, you are not going backwards. I think as Eve said something that worries you like the letter might just be that little tip to trigger the feelings you are having. And I also agree with the idea of a bath. It sounds like you are feeling quite tense and although you are having a power nap etc, perhaps you aren't completely relax. Take some time out to do something that really calms you down, something you really enjoy. For me that's a bath and a book with a cup of tea (or glass of wine depending on time of day! :) )

Keep thinking positive and concetrate on those good days you have had. Stay mentally strong.



hi, being ill as well as everything else will couse a setback but dont worry you will be fine. i feel like im going backwords everytime i have a period. do be so hard on yourself. xxxxxxx


sorry cant type...i meant dont be so hard on yorself:)


Thankyou, i got my self into such a spin since tuesday i got a bit of sleep but today the Anxiety was back and felt really low n teary so booked myself into the doctors, he said ive been doing great on my meds and ive improved dramatically i just got myself into such a state over the work letter you were all right . He upped me to 30mg from 20mg which ive had for 6 weeks but said i will get better just to keep doing what im doing but add more exercise into the day. I am a bit better since i saw him and thankyou for your comments too they really helped me knowing i'm not alone. Mindfulness did help a little, finally got the knack of the breathing thing after listing to the podcast on it over and over again, had chamomile tea too which tastes a bit nasty but think it helps a bit. Thankyou again, i know you all know how much the support means xx


Yes we seem to get the trigger and here we are again, it arrives out of the blue, something brought it on , doesnt need to be much.

It is really about the Book I m okay your ok ,, it a good one to read, I think it goes back to when we were young most of this , our emotions our feeling about things.

Always a person who is sensitive and that the bottom line about us.

We worry about others, and drain out emotional fuel tanks down to empty.

We have to learn to be kind to ourselves and get the help along the way we can.

Good food , and vitamins, for the nerves to be repaired.

Nice milky drink for bedtime, and remember we all care , we are in this together. some good some bad , but as time goes bad more good than bad days. B


Well its been a few days now and finally this morning i feel a lot better, not better but nt really low/down teary, ive been for a walk and cooked a meal and even laughed a couple of times. The anxiety and depression seem to all mix together and jump one from the other, my head seems quieter today though and havnt really had any side effects from moving to a higher dose of meds. thanks again.


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