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Crappy day, ive turned into the gruffalo :/

Hi all, what a day so far, woke up feeling like id been hit by a bus and drained of life essence. Headache and eye strain, so much for the counsellor saying go to bed earlier , I did by half an hour and woke with panic attacks first in 4 month :( My head is full of dread and despair and I want to cry. Why did she have to say I talk as if i'm going to die, I'm panicked now. She may have me locked up in the nut house, mind you its better than suffering and id go if the helped. I also overslept as I had a crap night and now feel like the gruffalo big scary and angry. (My son is gruffalo obsessed and its mammy on a bad day lol).

My neighbour called round and I couldn't and didn't want to chat , I felt panic coming and froze to my spot and rode it out. New one for me normally I run and cry. Now I feel like I wanna crawl away and hide.

Tried to read my book At last a life and it was so boring, its just what I've read in leaflets from my therapist, no disrespect to the bloke he did well but its not for me. Half of the book is just extracts from his twitter account and such. In my gruffalo state i tore it up an binned it. I know slightly ott but was in a grump.

Im now going to have a coffee my first of today first drink of today in fact. My hubby says Im dehydrated thats why im grumpy pft to him. Ive got my new book The happiness trap hope fully i will feel happier once i read the first chapter lol xxx

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Your comment about the self help book made me laugh, I'm exactly the same, I just can't read them!

Apparently there are a few helpful ones out there, but whenever I pick one up and see 'Professor blah-blah-blah' as the author I immediately lose interest.

Despite the fact that these people are doctors etc, and supposedly know what their talking about, I can't help but feel like, 'Well what do you know?' 'How would you know how it feels to be out of control, panic stricken and desperately not normal?' It may be the wrong way to look at it but, meh. :)

I hope you feel a little better now after your coffee, take care.

Amy x


Hi and ty Amy, the book is now gone bin men took it away xx He was,nt a prof or doctor etc he was a bloke who had overcome anxiety x but for all his book may help some people it is,nt my cup of tea x

I hate people telling you over and over its panic we know this we still do it though x I suppose he had the panic so would know to some degree but he didn't have health anxiety so it wasn't for me xx


Oh donver :(

Sorry just seen this

If it helps , I go to bed late , but I would rather get 7 , 8 or sometimes more hours sleep , because I waited till I was tired than go before I am with a busy mind , & sometimes if I have to much sleep I can feel worse for it

Hope you are feeling a bit better now :)





Hi Whywhy, Im feeling lot better now, a coffee and a chat with my little boys health visitor sorted me out. Sometimes its nice to chat to someone who understands and she does as she had anxiety herself.

I'm fine going off at 12 ish as then I really am tired and I have normally had time after the kids have gone to bed to rant in my diary about my crappy/good day, which takes my mind off things. I always feel a lot worse if I sleep to much and tbh i think today is because i woke and went back to sleep.

Im currently reading my happiness book and its making some valid points so im happy as im learning lol x little things please little minds ey :) xxxx



Have had a similar day! Just woke up in that awful fearful place, couldn't shake the panic and had a couple of attacks. I find I go to bed tired, then a light bulb goes off in my head and I am wide awake, and, at the same time fighting sleep! Last night, I got up, made myself a cuppa, and waited for sleep to 'kick in' again. I am so pleased to find people here who know exactly how I am feeling, my family thinks I should be able to 'get myself together'.......This is my first post here, so thanks for listening!!!!


Hi Katkins x and welcome :) I have found this site wonderful for meeting people who have every little thing in anxiety I have x its peace of mind, just simply knowing you're not alone.

I hate that lightbulb feeling, its always worse waking up and then spending ages wondering why your awake. And for me its always if I go to bed before 12 half 12 I wake. Silly isn't it .

Im sick of people telling me to go shake myself together, unless they know exactly how your feeling how can they judge what will make you better x Donver xx


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