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Anxiety has taken over my life!

Hey guys. This is my first posts so I apologise if it doesnt make sense.

Im 20 years old and 32 weeks pregnant with my first child. Cut a long story short I was told I was infertile so it came as a bit of a shock. The babies dad left cause hed prefer to take drugs and I am in a new relationship but my anxiety is crippling me!

My partner had to leave his last job because I was too scared of being alone and now its got to the point where I cant even go to the local shop without him. Every time he has to leave the house without me I break down and cry until hes back I hate it! Ive always been a really self conscious person and have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks all my life but its never been this bad.

im questioning my abilities as a mother even though its all ive ever wanted.

I dont trust anyone any more not even my partner. I go through his phobe every night! And I hate myself for it.

being like this is making me feel so low and I dont know what to do. Im getting really scared that im always going to be this paranoid nervous freak.

Can anyone help me?

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Get your doctor to refer you to a psychotherapist. These symptoms and behaviour can be dampened down with drug treatment but you need to find out the cause of the underlying anxiety if you're to start taking proper control of your life.

Are you having any type of medication at present ?


No none, my doctors dont take me seriously when I ask them for help. My partner has came and explained it all from his point of view too but they just dont listen


That's not acceptable. You need to see a Psychiatrist urgently. In 80% of the cases they can make you feel better in a week. They won't cure you but they will give you the foundation to make the changes in your life that will get rid of the anxiety...


You need to see a Doctor and a Psych as soon as possible. I know that absolutely NOTHING I say will make you really believe this but you CAN and you WILL get better. I went through a stage where I literally almost couldn't get out of bed. The only bad news is that the only person that can really help you is YOU. Others can provide support, but in my experience you have to take control of your own life. I know personally that it seems impossible in your situation, but that is a mental lie your brain is convincing you of. Seek help and watch the change you can make in your life! Also remember that baby is messing with your hormones etc right now.


You need to see a different GP Aimee and insist on your right to appropriate treatment. There is all manner of medical and psychological help out there which you're entitled to & which your doctor is duty-bound to provide access to.

It's hard I know, but you sometimes have to fight for treatment at times when you've neither the strength or the will to do so. Get any support that you can from whoever is willing to accompany you & back you up.


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