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Finally sleeping, but I still think I have a tumour!

I've finally had 2 full nights sleep! After 5 weeks of insomnia, I just went to bed on Thursday night and didn't wake up until my alarm ruined my slumber! I feel so refreshed 2 days on :)

Although I'm doing well with my sleeping I'm still having trouble getting rid of my stomach tumour worries! It's been a couple of months that I convinced myself I could feel something just below my ribs on the right. I started off thinking it was swollen liver, and then now I think I have a stomach tumour. I really can't work out if its all in my head. I have trouble tuning out of my body, especially below my right ribs. My therapist said that I need to stay away from going to see my GP as he thinks I will just start worrying about something else if I get reassurance from him.

I can't describe the sensations that I "feel" In my abdomen, as I'm not sure if it's all in my head. I'm refraining from googling the symptoms, but I don't know how to get this thought out of my head if I can't go to the doctors!

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Lets consider this........Anxiety is a heightened state of negative awareness....your mind does not think logically, it is irrational thoughts, that is part of the illness, as long as you are in this state you will think and worry irrationally.....your mind running on imagined fear and is tuned in to negatives and will focus on anything that falls into this category of thought......in your case HEALTH........could be anything-------social anx/financial anx/relationship anxiety............Anxiety does subside and when it does these thoughts will fade........until the next spell of anxiety/fear. FEAR=false evidence appearing real..........

When I was 14 yrs old I was off school with imagined appendicitis............I am now 60 and have still got the damn thing........lol......

Once you understand how ANXIETY works you will be able to separate the imagined from the real..................best wishes...........stde.


Thank you stde, I really need to convince myself it's my anxiety!

Jb x


Well the positive you are getting some sleep hooray

Health anxiety , its easier said than done I no i suffer to , had strange pains in my face etc & things have been running through my mind & I have had the stomach problem as well , I go from one to the other which ever I feel that day but I have to ask myself , how long , how many times have i thought this & that & its not , more than I can remember , spent years doing it , so today these pains I have been feeling , cant say its not made me a little anxious because it has but what i have been telling myself is its nothing serious & it will go again , try telling yourself that to ;)

It will go away , the more you focus on it the more you will feel it & the more anxious you will become & then you will feel it more & it goes round & round

It wont be anything serious , anxiety seems to give lots of us stomach problems so you are not on your own

Practise telling yourself it will go away when its ready & it will ;)




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I suppose in the last couple of years I have thought I have everything from a braintumour, to DVT and MS! Nothing ever came of those thoughts. So I'm guessing nothing will come of this? Thank you whywhy.

Jb x


That eases my anxiety so much knowing that! Thinking about it I have been having trouble going recently (sorry TMI!!) thank you whatnext!

Jb x


i get this same pain on my right side! i explained the symptom to my gp and she said that it was all in my head... seems crazy but it can't be helped after relaxing i noticed that the pain had gone, i thought it was something serious but it turn out to be nothing, you will be fine

best wishes


I think where I have been worrying about it for so long that my muscles there have become so tense. I keep trying to tell myself that if it was serious then I would have worse symptoms!

Jb x


No you don't have it cos your stomach is on left side and you haven't lost lots of weight, not eating, in lots of pain etc so its your head and thinking bad thoughts but please believe your gp that you don't have it!! Try stop poking on your stomach and stop thinking cos it feed your anxiety more then you think bad thoughts.... Your fine love! Drink chamomile tea and relax hun, try it one a time like stop poke, then think positive thoughts, fresh air walks and etc then you will feel better and less thinking about bad thoughts! Xx


Haha! We are so alike! Read my post from yesterday:

"This pain that I'm having now is just alongside the tips of my right ribs and it's sharp and intermittent. At times it's dull and radiates through the back and it feels like I have a tumor growing underneath my ribs. It is not cancer and it's not gallbladder stones and it's not my liver or pancreas that's growing a painful bubble; it's effen anxiety that causes all these syndromes and weird but painful symptoms all the time. IBS too is caused by stress/anxiety; all diseases are. It is called DISease... I am so stupid for worrying so much that I might have cancer or other serious issues when it is anxiety that brings about all this pain! You know most of us with anxiety will first think of cancer, even though one will KNOW they have cancer by the time it starts hurting and there is no reason to think of cancer when there are so many other conditions that make more sense or that are more prevalent.

In many cases, like mine, it's anxiety. Before this liver/galbladder/"canceratitis" pain, I had another "canceratitis" pain that pulled thousands of $ out of my pocket to find nothing - it was an esophagus pain that lasted a few months. It would radiate all the way through my ribcage and under my right breast and even lower into my back ribs on my right side. I felt every gulp of water going down and every ball of chewed food that would go down my esophagus and it would even hurt at times, shooting pain through my lung - it felt like - under my right breast and into the side of the ribs. I even got to the emergency room once because the doc said it might be pulmonary embolism and only the emergency room could do a blood test for such a scary condition fast enough. OMG, was I stupid to follow his advice!!! $975 later, no pulmonary embolism.

The other costly "canceratitis" I had was a few years ago when for about a year I had throat pain only on my right side, pain that would radiate through my ear and my tongue even, and I saw soooooo may specialists and ran so many tests, doctors got tired of me, silently judging me. But you see, when it hurts and you have no answers, you worry. So you go to the doctor and they are trained in a way that benefits the pharmaceutical industry so they don't suggest anxiety (why would they when you can continue costly pointless investigation) and will also try to get rid of you as fast as possible because the System pays them by the number of patients, not by how well they make you.

I took a few other trips to the ER back when anxiety sneaked into my life 5 years ago: OMG, heart attack! OMG, aneurism! OMG, sudden death! OMG, stroke! OMG, I'm fainting! And you know how doctors at the ER will run every test there is, because it's what they're trained to do, even though you're touching your nose OK and your reactions are normal, they still suggest to get a head MRI like it's only five bucks, and the anxious you who still has the finger touching the nose agrees to it, just to make sure it's not a stroke that left the finger out. I bet that half of the ER is just coo-coos like me who panic about persistent pains and accelerated breathing during panic attacks. "Yeah, I'm having a panic attack, but this heavy breathing could ALSO be caused by a cancerous heart attacking stroke".

So listen... my advice is this: if it's something BAD, you will know. Remember: cancer only hurts in later stages when it's large enough to press on nerves around it. Before then you feel ill. Not ill like nauseous because of anxiety, but ill from the body, not the mind.

I'm tired of letting anxiety make everything worse and bring about all these pains I think about. Because EVERY TIME I think about the pain I'm feeling, it gets worse. and EVERY TIME I've gotten to the bottom of things (for us anxious people that means "I don't care what the bottom is as long as I know it's not cancer"), EVERY TIME my symptoms started fading away until the pain was completely gone and then my amygdala finds another way (a different kind of pain in a different part of the body) to alarm me that something's not right and I always assume it's my other organs and not the brain, but it's ALWAYS anxiety. I'm done. Let it hurt and get over it. It's just too bad that this healthy body is governed by such an unhealthy brain..."


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