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scared i have a brain tumour help!!


I hope someone could help,I have just recently went for a ct scan as for 3 months ive been having headaches 24/7 and blurred vision , been to opticians twice had my glasses changed and doctor has tried me on naproxen and another tablet which is just one beforw bed .

im so worried i have a brain tumour does anyone know if it was serious would i hear back sooner? when i was leaving the nurse advised 2-3 wks for results which i think is a helish wait for anyone :-(

been in bed worried sick all weekend and feel terrible as can give my 2 year old the attention he needs for worrying.if i phoned my doc could they chase results?

thanks if anyone could advise me that would be great.

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I think you would get the results right away Hun.


thank you im worrying myself sick with it all :-( hopefully get some answers soon


I am the same way Hun... it's hard


are you suffering from the same kind of symptoms? it sure is a cruel process isnt it


I suffer from similar things. I get headaches sometimes but I wear glasses so my vision is ok now.... yes it's a long process. And doctors where I live are not very helpful


Ring your doctor's surgery in the morning and ask when you're going to get the results as it's been a long time and you shouldn't have to wait this long for the results of something that could be serious. Say you're worried, have they had the results yet and if not could they please chace it.

Actually I think it's highly unlikely that you have a brain tumour but you need the reassurance that the results will bring. Your headaches are muchmore likely to be tension headaches and anxiety can affect your vision. Have you had worries recently, been stressed or anxious about something that could have caused this tension and anxiety? Statistically the chances of the headaches being something serious are small, the extra anxiety you are creating by worrying yourself sick is most likely causing the persistant headache.

So calm down, phone the doctors surgery and hurry along those results, but stop driving yoursekf crazy with something that is most unlikely to be serious - and turn your attention to your 2 year old son. Everthing is going to be o.k., littlemex.

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thanks im just so worried :-(

i keep telling myself no news is good news , hopefully i get some answers today


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