I still think I have brain cancer or tumour

Im 16 and I went to see a gp yesterday because my head feels really tight and weird he checked me for meningitis and said I don't have it and I asked him if I had a brain tumour or cancer and he said no it's just a tension headache coz my anxiety but I still think I have cancer or a tumour and it's making me so scared

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  • When did the feeling start?

  • Like a few days ago

  • No u dont trust me i knw wat ur feeling.sleep helped me.

  • Really

  • Yes really.if stoped wen i started sleep.how well do u sleep?

  • Not very well I take tablets for when I go to sleep cos I got ADHD but it just isn't helping and I keep waking up early too

  • I remember those days.i didnt take pills .i jus made up my mind and went to bed.it helped.

  • I'll try and get more sleep thanks for the help

  • Ur welcom

  • Lewis, your doctor went to medical school for 5 years. How many years did you? Your doctor sees hundreds of patients every month so he had experience too. What's your experience? I say your doctor is right and you don't have meningitis or a brain tumour and I think you know it too. That's why you've chosen an ANXIETY forum to discuss this and not a Cancer forum. So stop frightening yourself to death, we all do it but it gets us nowhere. So take a painkiller and chill and stop bombarding your nervous system with fear. And consider how lucky you are that your brain tumour turned out to be a rension headache caused by anxiety. Count your blessings.

  • I know but it's hard to get something out my head once I start thinking about it

  • I was admitted to hospital with viral meningitis recently. I was so I'll I was there on a drip for a week.

    It probably won't help anyways but fwiw the type of head pain you get is like nothing on earth I've ever experienced. It is not like a headache.

    I was physically rolling around on the floor in agony and unable to bear any light either.

    There was absolutely no way of mistaking it for anything else. My hubby called the hospital straight away an they got me straight in 30 minutes.

    Plus you get lots of other powerful symptoms. I literally could not move my neck it was seized and I was extreme projectile vomiting.

    Trust me you get meningitis you bloody well know about it. You don't need to worry at all if all you have is a headache. Not one iota.

    You get combination of symptoms with these things that are different, very marked and cannot be overlooked.

  • That sounds bad I hope your okay now I'm getting my meningitis jab next week so I I'm sure I won't get after then thanks for reassuring me and for replying to this

  • Thanks. Describing it was intended to reassure and hopefully give you solid rational stuff to tell your brain to stop worrying.

    I'm on the mend now thanks. It was tough as it was 4 days after major surgery. I've now, almost put back the 9 lbs I lost in 6 days and my back is mostly recovered from the 3 lumbar punctures they did.

    Keep fighting the anxiety xxx

  • Well you've helped me out and I hope your fully recovered soon and I'll keep fighting my anxiety

  • No Lewis, don't 'fight' your anxiety, fighting causes more tension and strain and your nervous system has had enough of that. Instead do the opposite: accept the strange feeling in your head and the headaches, don't try to block them from your memory, acknowledge they are there but just attach less importance to them. Accept them just as all the symptoms of anxiety should be accepted for the time being - calmly and with the minimum of fear. When you accept them completely knowing as you do now that they are harmless then you stop causing the stress and tension which causes and maintains the feelings in your head. Everything is going to be o.k., Lewis, believe me, these problems will pass. You are not in any danger and all will be well.

  • Thankyou for helping me and reassuring me I'll try to accept it all and just relax more

  • Hi Lewis, I am am Emergency Dept. Nurse and that is "NOT" a symptom of a brain tumor ... our bodies do unthinkable things when we're anxious.. accept it for what it is, another sensation and try and put it on the back burner. Get out as much as you can and know you are OKAY:)😘

  • Thanks for replying that's really helped me knowing your a nurse x

  • There are special techniques to help these feelings that are sometimes due to imbalances of the fluids and membrane tensions in the central nervous system. Look into Brain Nuclei Mobilization treatment, taught by The Upledger Institute as well as Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, for which there is a National Foundation. Additionally, there is a website to locate a practitioner, named IAHP.com (Internat'l Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners.com, that Upledger people got started. It is very useful - look for the clinicians in your geographical area with courses listed as "B1, B2, B3/ Advanced," etc and also courses listed as "CSTI, CST II, CST III, SomatoEmotional Release, and CST Advanced." Maybe you can find a training program offering student Rx sessions at reduced rates. There is a well known program in NY, Denver and Washington DC areas conducted by Roger Gilchrist and The Wellness Institute. My heart is with you for this very distressing experience to find effective relief!

  • Thankyou for telling me about these I'll look into it

  • Hi LewisF15

    I have had tension headaches on and off for years because of Anxiety & I didn't have a brain Tumour. I know how hard it is to relax and think differently but, once you can accept that it is anxiety causing the headaches you stop the fear of something awful, and they will ease off.

  • I'm starting to accept it's anxiety now and it's getting better

  • LewisF15, I have felt that exact same way before, with the exact same fear....A brain tumor!!!!

    I have always had migraine headaches, and feared a tumor....So sorry,praying for your peace of mind....

  • Thanks for the reassurance it really helps

  • What you have is anxiety that is related to health. Your test results show no cancer nor meningitis. Leave it as that and take control of your thoughts. I went through the same but I was worried of diffetent disease(s) until I just shrug it off and faced my fears. Anxiety can really make you think that you are physically sick. Monitor your negative thoughts and divert them into positive. It may be hard but you have to face your anxiety.

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