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I think I have anxiety, can someone help ?

Hey, I've recently suffered from breathing trouble. Almost all hours of the day my it feels as if in either about to stop breathing or I'm not getting enough oxygen. At times I take breaths I feel my throat closing up which makes me panic, and then I get this weird feeling which is like my body is being pumped with energy.

All day long I'm constantly thinking about every breath I take and it's doing my head in.

Most nights it hard to sleep so I take sleeping tablets.

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Hey there welcome to the forum

You have to be diagnosed by your doctor that you do indeed suffer anxiety.

Are you?


Thank you.

And yes I have. Sorry I left that out. I did go to the doctor and he said I suffer from anxiety disorder. I'm on tablets at the moment called aropax.

I just can't help but feel it's not anxiety even tho iv been told it is by many people. I'm just confused and lost.


That's good to know.

Yes these are symptoms of anxiety exactly to the T as you describe.

Also your doubts that it isn't are part of it. Currently going thru it and it's not fun :(

You have to force yourself into thinking "this is anxiety related and it's not going to hurt you"

Your meds will help don't know about the one your on but give it some time to kick in hope you find the support on here useful :)

Hugs yaz


What helps me when I feel that "cant breath" sensation is breathing in cool air or blowing up a balloon, this has been shown to control your breathing.


Hi and welcome you sound just like me I don't believe what I experience is anixety or depression I think it's something serious even tho been to the doctor time and time again just to be told the same I'm receiving thearpy mine gets me into such a panic hope you get some comfort and reassurance soon x



And yea. The same thing as me. Iv even many times and they say the same thing.

At times I feel like I'll die due to not breathing.

Do you feel this also?

I think I get my panic attacks because I feel my throat closing up.

Today just hasn't been good for me. I'm quite worried.


Yeah my fear is dying and leaving my children and partner behind and it's with me everyday I have good days and bad days but mainly bad we're the panic is constant tablets are helping along with thearpy but just can't shake that feeling then all the symptoms are present I clock watch for bed times so I know that's it's another day done and I'm still here only for it to start the moment I wake up x


I know how you feel, everything your saying I can totally relate to.

I feel as if we suffer the exact same thing.

I truly hope you can sort it out and get through this.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for talking.

I feel a tad bit better knowing that I'm not the only one. If you know what I mean...


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