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Is this actually anxiety and depersonalisation or something more serious like a brain tumour?????

I seem to be getting deeper and deeper every day, my voice seems so far away when I speak like it isn't my own voice, and I have really bad pressure in my sinus' and my temples, I've still got the fear that I am certain I have a brain tumour, I can't get it out my head and it doesn't help the fact I was playing with my hair and I found a lump at the bottom middle back of my head it's right I. The centre on my skull and now I think I have a brain tumour, I'm not sure if it's a bone or what, but I seem to be self diagnosing myself with the symptoms I have, I can't help but research every concern I have, I feel so bad I can't help it, does anyone else feel major detached l, cannot feel there arms or most of body, don't recognise them self in the mirror and everything looks so far away ??????

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Sounds like severe anxiety as you describe all the symptoms , and I have a bump to where you have so I think most of us have , but if you keep searching you will find something and frighten yourself , it is a habit I know but we have to break the cycle or it will just keep going round

Speak with your Doctor , you need some support even if you are getting some you need more , you have Health Anxiety and need to have help retraining your thought pattern and Counselling would be great for you :-)

Please help yourself and stay away from Google , it will only throw out the worse scenario always does and it cannot examine you or has you medical records to compare with so what you read is false for you as we are individuals that just goes on the worse case and why should you be the worse case scenario because you anxiety tells you so , that way it keeps control so you can take this small step and resist not researching symptoms and ask your Doctor instead who knows you :-)

Take Care x


It's so hard to not google anything with how bad I'm feeling, if I don't google anything i will get worried because then I don't have a clue what's going on, it feels like I'm going round in a circle, will the rest of my life be like this?? X


I totally understand , I used to do the same and still can slip up sometimes and find myself looking and yes you do feel bad before you go on but you feel bad when you have looked or even worse so it has not helped us by looking so why do we look because are anxiety pushes us to do so as I said it can feed then of that fear and keep control , so by not looking you will feel no worse because how many times if you think about it have you looked and felt better for it ? I bet not many if any so we might as well not do it

I once went to my Doctors , told them what I had wrong and they looked at me and said why do you think that is wrong ?

I said because I went on Google and looked

They said well which would you like to be your Doctor , me or Google ?

Point taken with that statement and I said them of course !

Yes things will get better , but we really do have to help ourselves , two things you could do which would be a huge start , tell your GP just how bad this is and how this is affecting you and that you need help and secondly reason with yourself why Google is going to help you and set your self a challenge that no matter how bad you feel in any day you will not look at Google for the answer because believe me it does not have one not for you personally :-)

Hope you will try and make these small steps because I know how it feels to suffer but I know if we take small steps how much benefit we can get and I would hate to think someone is putting themselves through more pain than they need to :-) x

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wow that has made so much sense, some days I don't even google I just feel bad and Therefore I think I've got a Timor, I really am positive I have one, it's scary the doctors saying it's in my head, but they've only done blood tests uraine tests and eye tests they came back fine but I'm still so worried x


Do you know , I knew someone that had a Brain Tumor and guess who was the one that found out it was there ?

When they had their eyes tested !

Yes they can be the best people to pick up if anything is sinister as I believe normally if you have something wrong they can see when they look in the back of your eyes and they have also told me that when I have asked when I have had my eyes tested , so you had yours tested they were fine so I really would not worry !

I would though get support with your HA because all the reassurance in the world will last a few minutes , hours , days and then it will come back again and that is what you really need to be asking for , some Therapy :-) x

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Sounds like anxiety but you need to stop searching the net for answers, it can make your anxiety worse.

I have the lump too so it stop worrying about it.

Get yourself things to keep your mind busy but also go see the doctor asap just to put your mind at ease.


Don't Google your symptoms ever ... You just have anxiety that's it


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