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anyone else feel this?

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does anyone else get this small but sharp pains in random parts of their head? It doesn't last long. I mean it's bearable but it's still there. It really starts to freak me out due to my brain tumour worry and i just start to feel very anxious. It's funny to think that months ago from today i THOUGHT i had a headache but it wasn't really, and looked it up. Told me brain tumour, and from then on im convinced i have one. I physically feel okay like there's no change in me i don't feel sick or like something is seriously wrong but it's just small things like these that freak me out and trigger me. It sounds crazy really. I really want to get a scan that will reassure me with this. I live in Aus, only a teenager, so I'm not sure what to do or how to bring this up to a doctor.

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miasouth4, I get that myself from time to time. Little random sharp stabbing pains. You're right in that it doesn't last long. Little nerve like pains from over sensitivity. Nothing to worry about. I doubt if your doctor would do a scan. Try not to worry.

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miasouth4 in reply to Agora1

thanks for this! glad to know im not alone.. x

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Cicinoodle in reply to Agora1

You might grind or clench your teeth at night.

Whatever... it's not a brain tumor, just nerves

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miasouth4 in reply to Cicinoodle

yes i do grind/clench my teeth! not even at night, during the day. It's become a habit due to my nerves

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There are muscles called scm that are the muscles that allow you to move your head from side to side etc, they run from below the neck up the sides of the head and attach to other muscles on your head and face. So you might have strained some of these muscles from your teeth grinding and the muscle is pulling on the muscle on your face and scalp, this causes sharp random pains around your head. I have experienced this myself. It might be the cause of your pains.

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miasouth4 in reply to

wow thanks for this! very helpful x

I sometimes get what you call a pickaxe ice head ache or a cluster headache, it's a sharp pain which lasts a few seconds and then goes away, but mine is always above my right eye on the right side of my head. I don't get it often but have been getting them for years... about 15-20 years,.

I'm sorry to hear that! must be annoying! i'm trying to work out what could be wrong with me, might be that. but hopefully i'll be going to a doctor soon to find out :)

Yes for sure and it takes my breath away . But sure they are called "ice pick headaches " they come and go .

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miasouth4 in reply to Jodz

thanks for this! i will look into it x


Do you get similar symptoms any where else ?

In your mouth / teeth as you mentioned you possible grind teeth and clench jaw ?

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miasouth4 in reply to Paulina21

hello! and no I don't think I do, just in my head or near my temples. And yes I believe I do grind my teeth and clench my jaw. I do this without knowing sometimes just as a reflex to feeling anxious and it's become a habit

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Paulina21 in reply to miasouth4

Anxiety / stress seems to cause our nervous system to be very sensitive , we seem to be awate of every thing going on in our bodies

The more we are aware the more our issues are apparent .

It feeds on fear !!

Anxiety sufferers feel all sorts of strange pains / sensations / burning / tingling any where in their body .

Like you we all become frightened and eventually learn more about the condition and manage to deal with these sensations better .. we all have down days when we might suddenly become frightened again but the good days come back .

Your not alone ..

It certainly has been a learning curb ...


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miasouth4 in reply to Paulina21

thanks so much for this!! you are right. Hopefully i'll be able to manage it better soon! x

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mosesmam in reply to Paulina21

so true

I feel this too, but I'm convinced I have something else. It's due to overthinking, in my cause I don't give my brain a break, even when I'm asleep I'm having nightmares so I have been getting headaches as well this sharp pain in the back of my head.

yes i understand completely! I overthink daily, just a constant worry for me. Sucks!

sometimes i feel something similar, like a pain in some random part of my head, is really bad for like 2 seconds and then stops. I don't know exactly what it is, but not looks something serious. like you said, you don't feel sick, so don't worry to much

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miasouth4 in reply to PaulaL

yeah it sucks... but thank you!

I used to get those when I was a teenager too, especially while I was in school. I wouldn’t worry about it :)

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