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Terrified I have a blood clot

I suffer bad health anxiety. Which has been increasingly bad over the past 2 weeks. Anyway yesterday afternoon I started getting a slight pain in my right calf, I've had this before and each time I always think it's a blood clot but then after a few hours it goes away and I forget about it. Well this time it's came and went all day yesterday and last night and it's came and went all day today but now I can feel it more. Apart from the cramp/tight pain I don't have any other symptoms except my anxiety making me panic and racing heart. Took pain killers 2 hours ago which haven't helped either. I'm 25 and smoke but apart from that no other risk factors. I know I shouldn't have googled but I did and there's lots of posts about people only having pain as a symptom and it breaking off and causing a pe. I can't get an appointment at my doctors as it's 4.40pm and out of hours doesn't open till 6pm. I'm terrified and feel so sick. I have 3 Kids, terrified of hospitals also so the thought of it being a clot and having to stay in hospital is causing me panic also. How bad would the pain be if it were a clot ? I'm freaking out here. I don't want to take a diazepam to calm down in case it is a clot and I end up dead. I know I sound crazy but I'm so so scared

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If you had a blood clot your leg would go black, I know someone who had one.

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I get pains in my legs like muscle spasms as well as arm,chest,butt pretty much all over my body had all the tests done for clots and heart problems and came back clear. Just a part of anxiety and the physical symptoms of a panic attack I got told. Just relax and try to focus on something else when it happens.


No, please go and check it at the hospital. It's nothing to be afraid of. Your health is more important. x


I get spams, pains, twitches all over my body/ muscles from anxiety i'm my own worse enemy and so is google which I have stopped, so try not to worry to much and if you really are doesnt hurt to get checked, my cousin just had a clot and he didnt have to stay in the hospital they checked him out gave him a shot and a script for blood thinners, try not to worry, ( I know easier said than done believe me i'm just as bad) Feel better soon.


Samjam, if it was a clot, a deep vein thrombosis, your whole lower leg would be swollen, warm and red. I take it your's isn't so it's very unlikely to be a clot. You say you'-ve had it before, sounds like muscular tension caused by anxiety but for complete reassurance go see your doctor. Take a diazepam, why not, it won't kill you, it might stop the pain by countering your anxiety or because of its ability to relax musvular tension, if it workedit would prove it's anxiety, but if it had no effect that wouldn't mean it's a blood clot.

You're too young to have a blood clot, you know you experience anxiety and have an exaggerated fear of major illness, well this is just another example. We're all hypochondriacs here so calm your mind and chill, your over sensitised nervous system is up to it's usual tricks. Just accept the discomfort and stop adding more fear to your nerves which makes them produce more nervous symptoms. You're going to be o.k., no need to be terrified, you can tell the undertaker to stand down.


Thanks everyone. I did end up going to a&e to get it checked out last night but they just had a feel at my leg and did an ecg and told me my heart was fine and my leg was just strained. But obviously I googled it and it states it can be missed just by a physical exam and read about people who ended up not finding out till it was in their stomach or chest so although my anxiety initially calmed down and my leg pain is gone I now am anxious in case it's been missed and now in my lungs or chest. Part of me knows it's my anxiety but the other part thinks well what if it's real pain and something serious and the time I ignore it it's something bad if that makes sense ? My blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and respiratory rate were all fine last night as well. Would they show if something was going on ?


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