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Lower back aches


Bit worried as I've got really lower back ache with left hip on & off for 2 weeks and had been see doctor and I was pariond about bone cancer, he said no I don't have it, he just gave me codeine pain killers but only took once and when I go for walking it doesn't hurt but after a hour by walking it start hurt mostly on hips like tension? I have tried hot bath, hot water bottle, deep heat muscles and they don't helps but at moment I use movelat cream since last weekend so hopefully it will goes. Just feeling bit scared?? Won't it be serious? Btw I'm 24.


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minnie has this been 24 hours before you are asking for reassurance or i cant answer lol


Minnie my little love you havnt got bone cancer you Gp has told you as well

You are doing alot more excercise at the moment walking & things , using muscles that havnt been used as much this causes them to ache , its normal

Tension as well make all the muscles ache

I no what health anxitey is like hun , but honestly I no you have not got bone cancer

You are our little Minnie & you are here for years & years yet ;)

Hugs big ones as well

whywhy xxx


Ok honey, I only do walking at the moment so I hope the aches will go away..... I'm trying to not worrying but its hard! Have to believe you, doctors etc! Wondering how long does it take up to get better? X x x hugs!!


Your Gp wouldnt lie minnie & neither would i , you have to have faith in them & your favourite nurse ;)

It can take a while minnie to get well , but you have made a brilliant start

Its been a couple of weeks I think since you asked for reasurance on here & it was most nights you were , so that is a good sign you are getting there

You might have these days as you feel as you do , but they are starting to get less & less

We need some more snow for you , you seem to like it hehe

The more your body gets used to walking regular the less you will feel the aches , but you have to be doing it a while before you stop aching

((((((((((((((((((((((((((Minnie )))))))))))))))))))))))))

You are Fine !


whywhy xxx


Yes that's right, thank you honey! :-)

Yes your right as I'm trying to coping without asking for reassure too often, maybe only once or twice that's it.... It's my new target lol! Maybe I go exercise class and see if it helps or will it get worse? Had enough of snow cos too slippery when go for a walk lol!! Hehe! Want summer to be here soon!! :-) miss the sunshine, relax at the garden with cold ice drink even a nice ice cream lol!! :-) xxxxxx


Well exercise classes would make your muscles ache because again you would be using muscles that havnt been used in a while , but exercise is really good for you & you would make new friends maybe , so it would be a good thing to do :-)

You are doing really well not asking for reassurance i have noticed ;)

You will have to use Rose's garden till the sun comes out here , I am sure there is ice cream there as well :-)


whywhy xxx


Hi Minnie,

Try not to worry - you're ok, honestly.

Have you had lots of snow? It's really hard going walking in all this so that might explain your aches. Keep taking the warm baths. It'll ease off soon.

Take Care




Faded lizard.... Thank you :-) I think its because I might carried the heavy bucket 3 times from bathroom to downstairs about 2-3 weeks ago? Not sure but will keep using hot bath and walking to keep joints going and reduce the pains. Not heavy snow here just light but now all are melting away for 2-3 days now. Might go to see someone who have experience with lower back aches to give me back massages at the gym? Xxxx


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