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lower and lower

\azzzzz,one of my kittens wanted to say hi lol, well my painting is sitting on easel waiting and its gonna wait a bit longer coz im not in the mood. i feel realy low. ive been chatting about my old job which i havent thought about since i quit. all the years i put in, all the training, all the knowledge i have in my head and what was it all for. bugger all. my partner will come home later and talk about her day and ill tell her about mine, panic, housework and looking out of window into garden and watching rubbish on tv and cats playing and smoking alot and thats as exciting as it gets day in and day out, i feel like crying but cant i just feel nimb and detatched from life. i cant face going out and i dont want anyone in my house. god when am i going to feel like me again, im so sorry for sounding all sorry for myself but i need to get it out to people who .thanx

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Sounds a bit like my day Cookie! without the easel! and the cigs ( gave them up a while ago) so I eat more instead :P. I have 2 kitties and they fight like mad. The baby , well 6 months , thinks he is a dog and chewed a beautiful padded coat hanger up last night ( must be teething). I will be finding little teeth all over in a while lol. Trouble is when we are stuck in alone we start to ruminate and this is what happens. Especially with a lovely sunny day outside. I hope you feel a little better when your partner comes home and you have a lovely evening. You will feel better you know :) it won't always be like this Lots of Love x Ella x


thanks ella, i have 9 kittens and love watching them play. thanks for your support i just cant shake it off today, xxx



Try not to think about the past , there will be something better in the future , I no you may not see or feel it now but there will , you wait & see

You will get back to how you were , it takes time , i no it seems like its never going to end , but it will

You have a great personality , you havnt lost that !!!

Go in the garden hun Roses garden I mean lol





aaarggghhh garden, outside argh oh roses garden, ok then lol xxx


Hi Cookiepatch, Have you tried putting away the paint for a while? I also paint but at the moment It takes too much concentration to construct a picture. So I put it away so it wasn't looking at me each day. I knew I still needed to do something so I bought string from the pound shop and I had some ariel cable. So I used the middle core and made a circle then wrapped it.I have made a tree shape and have decorated it with beach things (from my last holiday) I know it sounds daft but I have found that doing something else helps. Also it almost made itself so wasn't too taxing. I'll get the paint out when I can do it and stop feeling such a failure each day at having achieved nothing.



the paint is away jean and the clay has come out to play. dont know how long for but no


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