Belly button lower abdominal urinary pain

A couple months ago I had the most horrible pain. All I did was bend over in my seat and out of nowhere I had the sharpest pain shoot from right behind my belly button all the way down to what felt like either my bladder or uterus. It was like a string being pulled. I could not walk or stand straight. It hurt to move at all. I was crying the pain was so intense. I went to the emergency clinic and they gave me ibuprofen and anti biotics thinking it was a uti. I had to be in bed he next few days because it was the most intense pain I've ever had. It was so hard to find a non painfull way to lay. After a while the pain faded away, but every now and then when I reach up to grab something or stretch the wrong way, I feel it again a little bit and it scares me so much that I might get that again. And now sometimes I will stand up and feel a strong cramp sort of pain in my right lower abdomen area enough to where I will have to sit back down for a moment. The pain isn't that bad it just worries me because it's in that area and I fear it could be related and I may have some problem I'm unaware of. Regarding the horrible pain that I had to go to the emergency clinic for, I have had a very slight version of that just a few times in my life, but it's more of a shocking feeling than anything and normally would go away very quick. It would usually be if I were peeing, and maybe tried to pee a little more , I can't explain it. But I'm worried

So u know , I'm young , still living with my mom, never been sexually active, so I wouldn't want to go to a gynecologist .

What does this sound like to you??????


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  • I am not sure but let me tell you what I experienced. About 3 years ago after having no problems ever with uriney issues I felt like I had to go to the toilet more and more. Then one night I couldnt sleep as I had the urge to go every 2 minutes, this scared me alot. I couldnt sleep there was no infection and this went on for a few days, was given antibiotics but no difference. I worked myself up so much about it that then I started to experience excruciating pain, I couldnt sleep felt like under my pubic pain was on fire. I took some diazapam and the pain went away but the panic didnt and I could stop thinking about the need to go to the toliet all the time. Eventually after a few months things settle down but I still had the feeling of wanting to go to the toilet more often and had developed a type of ocd about it. Now 3 years on I am again experiencing this horrible pain and do you know what is causing all this, stress, anxiety when tightens the muscles in the pelvis it squeezes on the nerves which gives horrendous pain. The only solution is to relax towards it and drop the pelvis as much as possible. I know this is hard as I have to do it now and the pain is easing. Yours to could be tight pelvic floor muslces. You can go to a physio who specialises in this and they will help release them. I am guessing you are a very anxious person which can cause this as anxiety can cause no end of physical pain it is unbelievable!X x x

  • Hello

    It sounds like a navel displacement to me. I had the same experience yesterday and I did some research about it. It is kind of a medical mystery but can be cured. You can easily google it and there will be some remedies from yoga practices as well. 

    One of the things I read was to lie down with your chin up and feet touching, if one of toe thumbs is shorter than the other then you have to yank it. It says it will help re-align the navel. hope it helps.


  • I have had the same exact pain since I was 7 years old. Ive been to urology and gynecology and no one has found anything wrong. Pain relievers don't work and it only lasts the day and by the next day it's gone. I'm now 18 and I still get the pain at least twice a year.

  • it is caused by anxiety, anger and nervousness . If you scream in anger or frustration or have been exposed to situations that cause that sort of things you would probably wind up suffering from this , especially if it was extreme.. Try avoiding negativity and always remember to calm yourself .. believe me I know what I'm talking about I'm 32 years old and have been suffering from this since I was 8 ..

  • This is very interesting Omar_M . I myself have just recently been experiencing this. (It hurts more when going for no. 2's) but I have been very frustrated and angry over various things lately. I've also been exposed to a lot of negativity , I feel my body is a complete mess with all the stress I've had to cope with recently. Added to that, I feel my bowels have completely stopped functioning (due to stress I reckon) so of course the pain from my belly button to my uterus feels more intense ! So what you have said really makes sense. Thank you x

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