Trying to stay calm

Trying to stay calm

Hi lovely

I'm feeling bit anxious right now but trying to stay calm as its bit hard when husband is on night shifts but most of nights I can managed on my own but today I just worrying about what if brain tumour cos feel needle poking or twinges on same location for few secs and don't last very long when I was asleep even when I'm awake, even feel like something is there inside my head.... so rang my favourite nurse and got reassure from her that I don't have it. Have to believe her but its hard when I feel needle poking on my right side of head behind the ears, always on same location and made me think what if...... Stop taking magnesium for few days but decided to go back on it cos it does help so took one today and will carry on.

Did went to gym this evening after a nice walking with husband & dog poppy before he go to work, relaxed at sauna also came to home, had a nice dinner then hot bath and watched 3 tv programmes.

Nothing serious right?! Think I will go into rose's midnight garden right now and have a glass of Tia Maria with ice! Xxx


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  • Minnie what a handsom couple you two are , infact your Sam looks a little bit like my Sam lol

    So we have phoned our favourite nurse have we , are you doing what they said at CBT & waiting 24 hours ?? lol

    Minnie hun , its not a brain tumour , I really have the same pains sometimes & have for years , like I said the other night they are not the symptoms of a tumour , & no googling alright ???

    You have done alot of things all good today , gym , walk , nice dinner , bath , so well done Minnie :-)

    (((((((((((((((((((MINNIE ))))))))))))))))

    Believe me hun , I would never lie to you , as Brucey says on strictly come dancing "you are my favourite , but dont tell the others " lol




  • Thank you honey! Yes he's very handsome .... You sure its not your son?!? Lol!!

    I know I tried so hard to not to ask for a reassure but can't help it especially health anxiety! :-( hate the worryings that make us think of the worst thing when its nothing!!...... What cause needles poking in head or brain on same location for fews then again during the day either night? I can feel bit right now but comes & goes but not a headache hun. I know you won't lie to me even the nurse, I'm trying hardest to believe it and stop thinking about it.

    Can you believe I haven't been to the gym since last summer before anxiety and since during winter it was too cold, miserable and thought can't be bother to go but until today my electricity main all ceiling lights aren't working apart from plugs & lamps so thought I don't want to sit and do nothing so thought I must drag myself down to the gym as I've always want to go but never went til today, was there for a hour and felt good but out of breathe, not fit as I thought but does help me to take things off on my mind then unwind at sauna which is so nice and very relaxing! Wish I have one at home!! :-)

    I'm still banned from googling love! :-)

    Doing anything nice? I'm in bed with nice candle, gentle dim of lamp, drinking green tea and writing on here also will be reading a book called a street cat called bob" he was recused by a lovely homeless guy.


  • Im not that sure what causes it as such but I no all of a sudden they can shoot through , it could still be from that cold you had , but you just have to try & ignore them hun , if it was a tumour you would have lots of different things & this is not one of them , my best friends dad died of a brain tumour , he didnt have this & my brother in law had one & he survived , but he didnt have this either , the symptoms wre totally different , so try & relax as its not that , thats why I dont worry over these

    You are banned from googling for ever & ever Minnie ;)

    No its not my son , but if my son ever bought a girl home like you , I would be over the moon :-)

    You sound nice & snug & cosy in bed & I hope you are enjoying your book

    Big Hugs



  • Okay honey.... I will try ignore and stop thinking but hard when feel bit pain needles shooting on my right side of head for few secs come & goes every few secs. My cold is better and was while age ago, I had it since December on & off but was gone but come back again 2 days ago when I was asleep.

    Yes your right love that I'm banned from goggling!!!!!!!!

    Awww your so lovely person and always made me smile! :-D

    Are you in bed yet? How ur feeling now hun??

    Hugs xxxxxx

  • Still up Minnie

    Im ok thank you

    Hope you are asleep with no worries & nice dreams




  • I'm still up and worrying cos still getting bit pain needles shooting or poking on my head and I was reading sun newspaper then saw a lady (bride) was about to tied the knot but found out she had a brain tumour size of tennis ball and didn't get any signs only fit..... It scares me!!! :-( xxxxxxx

  • Promise me I'm fine and don't have it honey? Xxxx

  • Aww Minnie, my love, you DON'T have a tumour, hun. I've looked up the symptoms for a tumour and you don't have any of them! It might be the cold you had, a bit of sinusitis, perhaps, specially as you say the cold has come back!

    Don't know if you're still up, hun, hope not, hope you're all snuggled up with your dishy husband ;) and fast asleep, but, if not, the Garden is open just for you, my love! Go in there , like on the cool grass, look up at the stars - you remember, the two stars that are your Mum and Dad looking down and taking care of you? Breathe in the lovely smells - the rose and the lavender and the freesias - i love the smell of freezias - and oh, look, there are fireflies flitting about in the dark.

    It's wonderful in here, my love, soft and peaceful, and nothing can harm you in the Rose Garden!!! Sleep well, my petal!

    Lots of love



  • Hi lovely rose! Thank you for your reassure! I did fell asleep and just woke up now and didn't want get out of bed cos its sooo warm, comfy and soft while my husband asleep next to me. :-) I will go into your garden once I get out of bed & have a bath first :-) hope your well?!? Did u has a good sleep? Lots of loves too xxxxxxxx

  • Sorry Minnie I didnt see this to this morning I logged of & went to bed as I thought you would have to , but thank goodness our wonderful Rose saw your message , what would we do without her loving words

    Rose & I are right though hun , so please believe us & use Rose's garden when ever you need to , she has it open all the time for you ;)

    Minnie now when ever something comes on TV or if I am reading something & its about illness , I stop & go no further ., like google , so you do the same hun , as these things can be as bad as google , read your book instead ;)

    Thinking about you




  • No worry my love. Yes she is so lovely and giving me such lovely loving words just like you!! I did fell asleep and just woke up lol, soooo warm in bed with soft thick durvet and comfy while my husband asleep next to me! Didn't want to get out cos its bit cold lol!! I agreed with you if I see anything I don't like I won't go further even banned myself from googling!!!!!!

    Did u had a nice sleep?!? Off to have a hot bath cos time of month and its not nice!!

    Doing anything nice today?! Xxxxxxxx lots of loves

  • Its been snowing here Minnie !!!!

    Got up to a blanket of snow !

    I would want to stop in that bed to , sounds soo cosy , with a handsom man next to you lol

    Yes i have learnt that to , I sometimes am looking at the newspaper & no that if I read something it will start me of , so now I skip that page , & with TV I swich over , when we are like we are its the best thing to do :-)

    Look you are still here , knew you would be , try & trust your favourite nurse , me Rose & others hun , we all care so much about you , we wouldnt lie to you , not ever

    Well I am just going to do bits & bobs today that need doing

    You be kind to yourself today & have a lovely time




  • Oh really?! No single snow here!! :-( would love to see snow falling here but I think I had enough of it for now cos I enjoy to go for walk with my husband and dog poppy before he goes to work also hate driving on snow especially I'm very scared when i feel my car are about to skidding and get out of control! Will go to Asda in a bit to buy some herbal tea bags and magazines to read for tonight, hopefully electricity will be back as ceiling lights isn't working but lamps is, werid so man is coming to fix it, hope it won't be a huge of bills!!!!! :-/

    Also will do the ironing later this afternoon! Have a nice day but remember don't let anxiety bother you too much!! Sending you big hugs xxxxxxxx

  • P.s yes I have to believe you all and the nurse that I don't have it!! X x x x x I'm going to do the breathing techquies in a bit x x x

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