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A lovely little legend!

One day, a man received a message, that summoned him to the Land of Death. He was terrified of the journey, what he would find there, what it would be like, so he rushed to his friends, and cried - "Oh, please, we're good friends, will you come with me to the Land of Death - I'm so afraid to go alone!" His friends were so sad he had to go on this journey, but said - "We're sorry - we can't go with you; we can support you on your journey, but we can't cross the boundary. We're so so sorry."

Distraught, the man then rushed to all his wealth and possessions, and said - "I've taken good care of you all these years - will YOU come with me to the Land of Death?" But his wealth and possessions sadly shook their heads. "We're sorry" they said. "We'll give you a wonderful send-off, but we can't accompany you to the Land of Death - it's not allowed!"

"Oh!" cried the man in despair. "Must I make this terrible journey alone? Will no-one come with me?" Then a little voice said "I'll come with you." and another voice said "So will I." Then lots of voices said "We'll all come!" "But -" the man looked round, not seeing anyone - "Who are you? And why can you come with me?"

"Why" said one of the voices. "We're all the good deeds you've done throughout your life, that you barely gave a thought to at the time - but we CAN come with you -you will not be alone!"




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Hi. Rose. Wonderful! There is a saying."Every good deed goes unrewarded. But your little story shows it doesn't. And why should we look for a reward? The act itself is sufficient. The Man said;"Give and it shall be given unto you". This goes for love too. Many thanks Rose. Love. jonathan.


There's something else I'll be taking to the land of death secrets ;-) PL


Ooooh!!!! Are they worth winkling out, Pennylayne? ;) xxxxxx


loved your blog lovely Rose :) xx


That's if I don't blurt them all out in my dotage .......perfectly possible and slightly worrying :-)


Now this is really intriguing, Penny. I wonder what..............

Love. jonathan.


Don't worry, PL, if you're in your dotage, they'll just put it down to dementia! ;) xxxx


That's a worry I have as well PL ! ;0 Fab Blog Rose!! xxxxx


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