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A little bit of positive

I've noticed some of the symptoms I've had during anxiety I've had before I even discovered the word anxiety. Feeling dizzy, Heart palpitations, cold chills, headaches, floaters but I realised all these feelings i've been more sensitive too when I found out I had anxiety, i noticed every twitch and pain in my body,so when I experienced dizziness it was the worst thing ever and it was the end of the world but the old me would have just ignored this feeling. Im starting to ignore these symptoms I'm getting now that I've got control over my anxiety and had the thumbs up from the doctors and these symptoms have slowly lessened. Sometimes I would feel a symptom without feeling anxious but I don't really overthink this anymore, i don't think everyone feels perfect 24/7 I'm sure other people feel nauseous randomly but if you focus on the symptom the worse it will get. Try and notice your leg for example and really try and focus on it you will most probably feel something you haven't noticed before because you usually don't focus on it. This is what we anxiety sufferers are doing to ourselves.

This might be totally irrelevant but the thing that helped me most was reading about other anxiety sufferers and acknowledging the fact that i am not alone in this journey, The symptoms we feel a lot of people describe these feelings from their anxiety. I also read positive quotes that uplifted me, i let my emotions free and allowed myself to be sad, angry ect. I started looking after myself because I stopped caring for myself during anxiety, i purchased things that relaxed me for example i started using aromatherapy and found lavender really relaxes me. Even little things that you don't need to spend money on, taking a hot shower and taking the time to wash my hair and cream myself after made me feel so much better and motivated. I set myself targets on what i want to do and read books to understand my anxiety more. I know this isn't as easy as I say but it was hard for me as well,I'm not where I want to be yet but I feel like I'm in a better place from when I joined this group. I still fear it could all come back and i will be crippled with anxiety too I'm sure we all do but all i know is if it does this will soon pass like the other times.

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I was fine all morning. Spoke to my aunt who is a nurse about my labs etc and she is convinced I have anxiety but of course my GP has yet to call. It just came upon me my legs are week I am shaking.


Hi Betha, I'm sorry you feel like that i know the legs weak and shakey feeling all too feel but to hear about your aunt telling you that you have anxiety may not be what you want to hear but it is still good news that it isn't anything more. I'm sure your GP will say the same thing I'm not a doctor but I'm sure it won't be anything thats too different from what your aunt said. i hope you feel better, let me know what your GP says xx


Beautifully said fionaleung21 and so true.

Understanding and learning about anxiety leads to acceptance. x

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my doctor called Friday and she said my labs look great but she will do a cat scan. My aunt is a nurse and says my labs and my pelvic ultrasound are great.

So I am not sure. She is on medication for it as well. I still can't shake the feeling though that I have something wrong with me! That is what scares me. I cried all weekend!


Maybe anxiety runs in the family if your aunt has it too? I was the same as you i thought i had all types of diseases, my doctors wouldn't do tests on me except for basic ones like ECG and blood test so it was harder for me to accept it was just anxiety. i hope after you have the CAT scan you can accept its anxiety and start working on it. how old are you if you don't mind me asking?


I emailed the doctor today as well to see if we could talk. I am going to have it. I asked my aunt is she lying does she see something. And my aunt is like Beth there is nothing hidden in these lab results! I am 39. I have had a vaginal ultrasound, and blood work. All normal. Now I am so afraid they are going to tell me they see something on my pancreas, liver something! I honestly have never felt like this.

I am not sure why it has come upon me like this! I feel like jumping out of my skin.


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