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Just a little ditty!

Believe it or not I wrote this in 1999. Little did I know!


He looks the same as you and me,

He may be kind and good,

But a little part inside his head

Won't function as it should.

He may seem quiet and reserved,

Perhaps confused and shy,

He greatly lacks in confidence

And sometimes he may cry!

We do not understand his ways -

So easy to offend,

He should pull himself together,

He's going around the bend!

We cannot see his illness,

We don't see evidence

And a nervous disposition

Just doesn't make much sense.

And so we back away from him

And tell him he's cuckoo,

But mental illness doesn't care

It may well come to you!

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Thanks for sharing, its fab and put a smile on my face!!

Luv Ker x


Hey, thanks for posting this. x


Thanks for sharing, so true for many of us

Jules x



You do have a talent :-)

That was lovely to read , thank you for sharing it on here with us :-)





Thanks to you all for reading. I find writing of any kind gives me a great lift. Everyone should try it, you never know, you might find a gift you never expected! If it causes someone else to smile, even for a short while, then that's even better. Have a wonderful weekend. Xxx


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