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Feeling anxious

This morning I'm feeling so anxious, I dunno if its the thought of sitting in a packed out cinema tonite or wat. I don't like being in a room full of people. I'm not going to let it stop me I've been Luking forward to seeing the film for a year now. Anxiety or not I'm going it can cum with me, it can give me all then feeling it wants I will not fight it, as it can't hurt me. I can feel wat feels like sumthing stuck in my front which I always get wen I'm getting anxious. I refuse to let it get me down xxx

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Hi. donaf. With that attitude you cannot fail to win. Yes, take it with you, let it do it's worst but accept it for what it is, no more than thoughts and they cannot hurt you. Well done! I am sure you will go and enjoy it. "IT" will be there but "IT" will not give you any trouble if you ACCEPT

"IT"as you are doing. Well on your way home. Good luck and best wishes. jonathan.


Thanx, a while ago I wudnt of thought the way I do, I Wud panic which Wud bring on more panic. I red a book called at last a life which explained anxiety to me. Now I'm learning not to fight it but let it b. I'm trying to change my way of thinking. It's just a tired mind, that needs rest. I'm getting there and it feels gud that u can just write wat ever is on ur mine on here and not hold it all in x


Good for you donaf :) If its the movie I think it is, I seen it today.. Twilight BD P2. I went at 11am with hardly anyone in it. Also, usually the cinema play the movie every 30 mins so you may find its not as busy as you would imagine. I was well delighted with the movie, so much that I am going next week too :) Take care

Enjoy x


Donaf, your strength is very encouraging. I have also found the cinema a cause for anxiety. I will have to give that book a go ! ...... Let us know how it goes tonight !


Heiders it is the twilight one, and just Luking on the site it fully booked for the time I'm there. As scary as that sounds to me, I still am not avoiding seeing it cuz ive waitted so long for it Im not missing a part. Gadsufferer it is definatly worth a read. It helps u to think different and tells u exactly wat anxiety is, a over worked mind. I will for sure let u know how it goes x


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