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Feeling really anxious:(


Today I'm feeling so so anxious am on holiday from uni for 4 weeks so thought I would be able to relax but no my anxiety is at an all time high today since I got back from taken willow to school, feel like I am constantly shaking bad headaches, feel like I can't really do anything at all. I was starting to try n pack for my holiday but I came to a halt when I found I don't have a suitcase this is such a disaster. What does anyone do to help you control your anxiety? I'm all alone today everyone out just wish I could have company but no one is a round just want someone to try help me feel like its going to be ok. Sorry bit of a random blog.

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I am this way today feel like i have a permanent internal trembling going on and jittery, I have however been for 3 short walks so far today, the strange thing is that when walking this is not there, But am edgy and fuzzy head which may be where I have just upped my dose of 10mg to 20mg citalopram and am still only 13days in to this med. Are you able to do a short walk Littlesofty? they say it burns off some of the adrenalin that gets released into the blood with anxiety.





I go through bouts of anxiety and panic. I use to rely on beta blockers but didn't like the side effects. What i do now is this;

I take Kalms which you can get from most supermarkets or chemists. Take 2 tablets 3x a day for a month.

I also write a sort of diary of what i am feeling...frees you head of constant worries and horrible thoughts!!

Go for a walk it really does help...make part of your routine.

Lastly...google "Mindfulness" you will find some free downloads that will give relaxation exercises like deep breathing ect..

I hope this is of help...Please do remember..you will find things easier eventually.


Its not a random blog , its your blog & what is affecting you today

Maybe even though you may feel anxious at uni ,it does keep you occupied , now you have some time on your hands , less occupied , the mind starts talking over

We have to try & throw the thoughts out of our heads , its not easy , also sometimes accepting how we feel , can take away the fear

These things are not easy to do , but with practise , it does get easier

I no the suitcase drama , I needed one the other week , thought I had 3 (which I did ) only ever used them once , then I remembered a few years ago , they were borrowed & I never got them back :-o

So I don't no if you feel or could go out , to get one , if not the internet has lots , you could browse on there , an added bonus as well , the sales are on , so you should get one cheap

I don't no if you like music , but I play that , it cheers me up , makes me sing & I don't feel alone

Or TV on in background , that's another distraction that you don't feel so alone

Good luck with the suite case hunting , maybe you could still organise what you are taking & put them in neat piles & then when you get the suite case , will take you less time

Also I make lists as well everything that will be needed , so I can tick them of & don't go in a panic wondering if I have forgot anything

Hope you feel better soon




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Thanks why why I took a slow walk down to town plugged into my music and got my travel insurance, changed up so money for going and also bought all the basic essentials but still no case will have to go out somewhere else and try and find one tomorrow also searched the net but wouldn't come in time as I go on Tuesday. I'm forever listening to music that's what I love so much and watching medical programmes. have started making piles for all my clothes and thing but making a list is a good idea. aww bless you hun did you go anywhere nice when you needed a case.


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Well before I borrowed the 3 cases I did have yes that was nice , Disney Land

This time though as my anxiety doesn't let me go far the case was needed for my son , he was going away , which he enjoyed

Well done though I no it was a bad start , but you picked yourself up & that's very hard to do

Feel proud

I am a list person , I have lists for everything , only I can understand them though , but it works for me :-D

Hope you have a lovely holiday


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