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Feeling so anxious & sick


I haven't been on here in a while because things have been going okay until now, I'm anxious and I can feel the tension in my body. I feel super nauseous and dizzy and just feel strange. I feel like crying because I'm tired of feeling this way I'm going to see my psychiatrist tomorrow and my therapist on Friday but I'm so tired of this endless cycle.... I'm always in fear of dying thinking I'm going to have a heart attack.... I just want to be free I'm tired of feeling like a prisoner in my own body. I just got hired for a job that could really change things for me financially... but now I'm doubting whether I'll even be able to make it to work... I'm so disappointed .......

Anyone have some kind words or similar experience please share

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I definitely understand where you are coming from. I've been dealing with this bad anxiety since July of last year and I thought it was getting better a few months ago. I felt myself come back. I was motivated again to pursue my dreams again. Yes I still had some bad days but I was beginning to see just as much good days so I felt I was coming around. But then these last few weeks have been back at square one for me. That fear of death, my health, and the physical symptoms are back in full swing and I feel like crying every day. And for me I had just started back working in January because I took time off of work because of how anxiety hit me hard. I had to quit working. And in January things started coming together for me and I started back working. Now with these past few weeks I'm back to my doubts about working again and even my motivation has dwindled again because I keep constantly thinking of death. Not to mention I have one more class I'm taking at this point and if I pass this class I will be finished school and get my associate degree. So I'm battling every day trying to focus on this class and get through my bad thoughts and fears and my anxiety won't let me be great. 😩 Every time I have my visions of what I want to do with my future my anxiety kicks in making me thing I won't even live to pursue or achieve anything great and it breaks my heart especially the fact that I have kids and I love them so much. Even at this very moment as I type I'm having mild tension headaches, falling sensation, and muscles feel weak like if I walk I'll fall because my legs won't carry me up. And have a health scare because I think I'm getting sick with a serious disease. Sorry for the long response but I wanted you to know I know how you feel. And I wish the best for us many blessing to you. I hope it is only our anxiety and we will live long and prosperous lives.

I guess everyone is having almost the same symptoms. It sucks I understand you both.

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Yes it really does suck 😩

Thank you so much for sharing I hope things get better for the both of us!

I can totally relate, I think about death a lot and it scares me I'm only 35 but I've thought more about it in two years then anyone should. I also believe I have a serious health problem mines is cancer you can't put on the tv without a commercial or advertisement coming on about cancer. I've been to the doctors & ER a dozen times they find nothing, the only thing I haven't done is get a mammogram terrified to do that and because my grandmother dies of breast cancer so I can't get the thought that I already have it. Anxiety is a living nightmare I just want my old life back where, I never felt sick depressed hopeless scared. Hopefully there are better days coming for all of us who suffer with this!!

Hi there, yep feeling the same way, anxiety really bad, as soon as start to think of the worst about anything. My left arm aches a little, has anyone experienced this and why is it night time when this happens, it freaks me out more. Is anyone awake so they can help ease my mind. Thanks

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I also experience this too

Hi Maria

I am so sorry you are experiencing this. Congratulations on your new job! I can definitely relate to how you are feeling. I know that for me, a new job brings on all kinds of new anxiety and I do think that I won't be able to do it. Remember that your anxiety tells you lies. It tells you that you can't do things. It tells you that you are in danger when there is no danger.

Since you were offered the job, clearly you are capable. You are qualified. You are probably even more than they deserve. So, you can do it! I hope your psych and therapist can help you get some relief from your panic this week. Big hugs!

Thank you so much!!!

How did it go with your psychiatrist?

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It was ok he increased my dosage for both my Zoloft and vistaril

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Hie how are you doing now..lm having bad anxiety too😓


I understand what u r saying. I am nearing retirement age & was recently made redundant & finding another job it not quite so easy now. But the thing is I need a job to help keep me motivated and give me a purpose for getting up in the morning. Tomorrow I am going to try and look even to do some voluntary work. Like u say I am sick and tired of being a prisoner to this anxiety issue. Do u take medication ?

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