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Feeling anxious today


I got up done me house work and went to bingo. I have all day felt anxious on and off. I hI have pushed it to the back of my mind but every now and then it pops back to the front to say u can't ignore me fully because I am still here. I think...well I know that I've done well all day as I've just got on with it. Last year I cudnt as it had totally took over me I cudnt watch tv, read a book, basically I cudnt do anything. It still scares me as I'm petrified of it coming back like the way it was last year.

Where as my medication anxiety was getting better its getting worse again. The last three weeks I haven't really took my medication. I've been letting all my anxiety about them build up and maybe if I had come on here and mentioned it three weeks ago the anxiety towards them wouldn't of built up so bad. Maybe I feeling anxiety because it's that time of month xxx

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well done Donna for what you have done today, Donna should you do a break in your meds like that? Do you think its why the anxiety is rearing its ugly head ?




Hi donna

A combination of all of them I think , plus this week has been very stressful for you & sometimes its after the events that the anxiety kicks in , well thats what I can find

Well who am I to talk about taking meds hey , so I am not going to lecture on that one as I am worse than you , still not tried the ones I should have took (even though not for anxiety )

But I do no anti 's wont work ,if you keep stopping & starting them , well not very well anyway :(

Glad you got to your Bingo , you do like it :)

Did we win ?

Well donna , my cleaning & ironing all done as well now , had an OCD meltdown over hangers & pillow cases as I have to put everything back on the same hanger & someone had mixed them up :o

As well as my pillow cases :o so I have had to guess the best I can , but its playing on my mind

You have done well all you have dealt with this week & I have seen how far you have come in the last 8 months & you have done soo well :)




Hello Donna.

Sounds like you identified all the reasons that you might have felt more anxious today, can never underestimate 'that time of month' - very noticeable, but you also noted all the things that you did do today even though the anxiety was making itself known - that has to be a good thing even with the constant worry that lapses will become a complete relapse. Keep it up and don't worry about taking or not taking meds - no shame either way ;)



Hi Bonnie I do think it's because of not taking my medcomment ley. I do think think most of its in my head thou. As I am fine then my head tells me anxiety is on its way back and then I start thi'veing about it. Before I know it I'm getting back in the cycle of anxiety xx

Whywhy the med anxiety and being on my own at night are the two wI'm overcrowded se thingsfor me. I know I can overcome the meds as I've done it before but it takes time. I know u know how hard that is and I haven't felt alone with it since Cumming on here :-) I do find that wen I've had a stressfull wk it's always after that the anxiety kicks in. im more relaxed since writing the blog and took my pill which taking it even thou I was really fearful I know that it's doing we good not bad. :-) xxx

Thanx ladysaabra reading my post back after reading ur comment an ur right I have wrote down the reasons for feeling anxiouand the positive things. I wudnt of realised if I didn't say xxx


Some of that doesn't make sense lol my fone changes words :-) x

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You are doing well donna, dont give yourself a tough time & you are doing alot better than me with this med fear , so feel proud :)


Ugh! isn't it awful when it just won't leave you alone.

As others have said, stopping meds plus that time of the month is probably not a good combination. I know with my citalopram if I stop I feel fine for a while as it takes time to get out of my system, but then I start to feel the effects.

Well done for taking it again & hope you feel better soon


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