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Hi. I'm having issues with my anxiety. I've been fine for weeks then my father came over from Ireland and that seems to of set my anxiety. I constantly feel anxious and sick I feel like I need to be sick but I don't be sick. My father wanted me to go out he tried forcing me to go out which I didn't want to I rather stay at home when my anxiety is really bad sometimes I can go out and sometimes I cant I went for a walk earlier and I felt really anxious I also have breathing problems with it which makes me have panic attacks and makes me sweat but feel cold. Right now I feel like I have a temperature but I don't I'm not eating properly because of my upset stomach sometimes I feel like there is something actually wrong with me or I feel like I'm dying it's horrible and it makes me depressed because I can't do things like I use to I can't seem to socialize I just can't accept it that anxiety is making me so Ill it feels like I have a really bad illness. My family can't seem to accept that I have anxiety they try getting me to go out or even force me to go out which makes me have panic attacks. It sucks just want it to change 😔


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  • So sorry, I woke up,feeling the same. It is no good making people do things they really can't manage at a particular time. I am wondering how I am going to get through today. All my sympathies are with you and I hope it gets better soon.

  • I went through this a while back but I am fine now , still get the odd panicky moment but nothing like before , like you I wanted to shut out the world , but it is not the outside causing anxiety it is yourself., I used to feel I was going for my execution ., laughable now but real at the time., docs changed my tablets to sertraline 100mg a day., but I started taking magnesium citrate powder , quarter spoon in my hot lemon in the morning., it's a calming mineral., also made sure my vitimins were topped up ., I take vit b complex , vit C & D everyday ., & eat healthy ., no alcohol ., as that causes me to get anxious & depressed., but I feel really good now , happy when I wake etc ., where as before I used to dread the day ahead., I wish you well 👍

  • Hi there

    I really symphysis e with you

    I have suffered for years with this sick feeling and I dry heave which scares me to death I knw it's irrational but I can't help it I fight it constantly which I know us the worse thing to do

    I have had Cbt which didn't help for me but you could maybe try that

    I really feel for you especially socialising its very hard

    I just go through th motions each day and hope one day it will go

    You are not alone

  • Dear macman92. I am very sorry that you are ill AND that your family are making things worse for you. My depression and anxiety had many PHYSICAL symptoms which my (new) wife still talks about. one of them was that I could not control my body temperature. I kept turning the heating up and down and taking jumpers off and then putting them back on. Evidently depression/anxiety affects what is called the "limbic" system, which regulates body temperature, amongst other things. However tough it seems, physical exercise is good for you, but I became agoraphobic so used to go up and down the stairs, rather than risk going outside for a walk and seeing people. PLEASE ask your family to encourage you, support you and show their love for you. Your illness is not your fault. You are not being lazy. Keep taking your medication and you WILL GET BETTER!!! Pearwig.

  • Hi

    OMG I have the exact feelings as you and I had counselling in the end which did help me try and learn how to cope with it all but I still have bad days. I also found that relaxation music really helps, if you google mood juice you will find several different ones on there to download. Hope this helps you a bit x

  • Hi, I can relate to you in some areas. I've dealt with severe panic and anxiety all my life. It was under control for quite a while, then I switched medication as I felt it was not longer working as well. Worse mistake of my life. I went through CONSTANT nausea (never vomiting) and the worse feelings of dread and fear. What you describe certainly sounds like full blown panic attacks. Have you seen a physciatrist? Are you on medications for you GAD? Many are not familiar with what we go through fighting our mental illness, and yes panic and anxiety are a form of it. I find mine is worse when I first wake up. My mind likes to do "what ifs" and yes, they all pertain to some type of a physical illness that it could be, yet all the tests I've had show nothing. It is one day at a time for me. I find the best "help" is having someone understanding to talk to if at all possible. I, myself would not like, nor could I be forced to do something I didn't feel I could handle. There is a lot of info on the net about GAD and symptoms of panic disorder. Perhaps you could print some off for your family to read? I truly feel for you and hope you find some help

  • It's quite strange that you mention about when you first wake up in the morning. That's when my upset stomach is the worst I've messed my sleeping pattern up because of it. The only time I can seem to enjoy myself is at night but in the day that's when it worst its wierd because I sleep in the day and at night I'm awake only because at night I'm okay just strange. My nan has ago at me because she says I'm wasting my life away.

  • No one, especially those who have never experienced anxiety can really know what you are going through. Mine all started after withdrawal (done the right way,) from Paxil. At times I do have insomnia but not enough to really bother me. Even my husband has commented that I usually start to feel better towards night time after a day of nausea. I tried so many suggestions from my dr. like flat gingerale crackers, white cooked rice, no dairy products, plain backed potatoe. Nothing helped. I have had prescription meds for chemo nausea, ...a no go. I currently take stemetil wich helps a wee bit. You can also ask your dr. about medicinal marijuauna, it is NOT the bad kind NOR is it the medical marijuana. It is given for nausea pre chemotherapy. At times it does feel to me like my life is sailing past and I'm not enjoying it....right now it's one day at a time. I wish you the best.

  • Yeah I understand the anxiety is worst in the morning, but gets better at night. It's the cortisol levels in the body. It peaks in the morning but tapers off late afternoon into early evening

  • Well you need to explain it to her I reckon. Or ask someone else to. Anxiety isn't something you choose.

  • I always wonder why anxiety and panic feel so physical and how something so minor can set it off. I also have a nervous stomach and have avoided restaurants lately. Are you on any medication? You should really ask your doctor to prescribe something to take the edge off. I have recently started lexapro (terrified of side effects, but will try it) in addition to Xanax 3 times a day. Anxiety and panic disorder can be unbearable and intrusive, but with the gamut of medications available, you can get help. Good luck!

  • I am on medication. I'm on Citlopram but doesn't seem to help tbh.

  • I also suffer from a nervous stomach. The anxiety and panic attacks can be unbearable and intrusive at times. I avoid restaurants and prefer to be close to home...very distressing. Just starting Lexapro (terrified of side effects) and take .25 of Xanax every day...are you in any medication? With the gamut of medications that are available, You should have your doctor prescribe something to take the edge off. It will help! Good luck!

  • Sorry...I thought I lost the first reply but now see that I posted twice. Good luck!

  • Hi,

    I can relate to how family can trigger emotional responses. If you feel your father is not respecting you in your own home it is quite easily translated into feeling out of control, and therefore anxious. Do you feel worried about saying no to him? I get this with my father. If I agree to his wishes I feel as if I am being treated as a child again, and it brings back memories of how controlling my parents were over me when I was young, but if I stand my ground I end up feeling guilty as he then thinks I do not respect him. Catch 22.

  • It's nothing to do with him not respecting him. Dad and certain visitors seems to trigger my anxiety it's just wierd.

  • ok

  • I don't tend to do days. I do nights I sleep in the day and awake at night because I find that my anxiety first thing in the morning and day is worst but at night I can seem to enjoy myself a bit if that makes sense?

  • I've just replied to a similar post about the day/night thing. Mine is always worse in the mornings. I always wanted to wait until I felt able to go out in the day but that moment doesn't seem to come. I found that literally forcing myself even if i was panicking before I left the house was the way forward. I didn't have anyone else forcing me out though so I had the reassurance that I could come home when I liked. I just got angry with my mind and very slowly it's getting easier.

    I haven't panicked in a while now but still have the lingering stomach in knots anxiety especially on waking.

    I hope you feel better, takes some real strength but it can be done x

  • It's annoying but its life I guess I've lost my appetite because of it I'm not eating much atm.

  • People really don't understand unless they have anxiety. Stop trying to explain if it's making you more anxious. Try dealing with whatever is making you anxious. Some things we can not control and must learn how to not worry about them. That's where I am now. I am trying to leaves things I can not change in God's hands and I am trying not to worry about what people think and feel about me (not easy).

  • I'm sorry your going through this :( I'm 67 and have had the Fear, Panic , Anxiety And Depression For most of my life. I have times where its not so bad, than bad times back and forth. Right now it is Terrible, I have everything your going through. I'm afraid to go to bed cause I wake up at 2 something in a terrible Panic attack. I'm so sick, my stomach, back, hip and leg pain, chest pain. fraid to go out, and no one to talk to. I'm a widow, so I'm doing the growing old alone thing, its terrible :( I have a son, and 2 grandchildren, 18 and 14, they're great, but not to help with these crazy problems, I am going through. I wish I could help you, but, I can't help myself right now. Just wanted you to no your not alone, I have all of this going on really bad right now. I'm an agoraphobic, Have been for 40 some years. Right now I am going to get on line and see if I can find something, someone, I can talk too, that can help me get through this :( good luck to you :)

  • That sucks. I dunno what to say :/

  • Are you still here?

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