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Still feeling anxious

I feel really anxious today don't know if it's because I'm bored or because my grandson has gone back home I'm trying to be positive and stop these feelings and knowing we have to put the clocks back makes me worse that's silly to some but to me it means it's going darker earlier. Plus I have to go on Monday to that stupid thing so I will be out all day and coming home on a crowded bus which I hate

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Hi Iam the same Iam going for dinner and Iam sitting here with awful stomach pains, belly flipping over and over. I have no idea why I have done so well over the past fee weeks. Today's been a good day generally. I just worry something's happening when deep down I know it's not. I have only had 2 palps all day and that's good. Keep ur chin up Hun ur not alone xxx


Thanks I'm really sick of being anxious all the time this has lasted months now it doesn't usually x


P.s enjoy your meal



Maybe its a bit of both , from what you are saying

I no though when my daughters visit , it leaves me feeling low when they go home as I dont get to see them as much as I like , but I try & think of all the nice things we did while they were here

Can you phone your grandson , I no its not quite the same , but its good to hear there voices :-)

Try not to think about the clocks , I have only just remembered or I would have just carried on as we are , I have done that before though & wondered where everyone was


I feel for you about Monday , but think with every day you get there & back , its one day less & you will have soon done it !

Have you a mobile where you can get the internet on it to come on here

If you have & you tell us what time you will be on that bus we can try & help you on the journey home , I no its not the same as us been there , but you may not feel so alone knowing someone is reading how you are & encouraging you :-)

You have done so well , you have surprised me just how well you have done , I have every faith in you that you will cope :-)





Thanks I did go on here the other day whilst I was on the bus because I try not to look. I've got no choice have to do it x I've got to get 3 buses there n back :(


We always think we're bad but there's always someone who has worse to cope with we just don't see it..


Thats a lot of buses I no , but you will do it , keep coming on here to distract you like you did the other day

I wish you could find yourself a new GP , I really dont think you are getting all the support & help you could be given

Maybe when this is done it could be something to think about



Mine has been ongoing 5 months almost. I worry so much I don't know why Iam nervous Iam only seeing family tonight I mean what's that all about. Thanks Hun xx


It's mad. Isn't it how are minds work I wish I felt normal.


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